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    Wife Being Eaten


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    Woman being eaten out by dog

    Uploaded by russ8691 · Rating: 4.3 (275 votes) · 52774 views


    Wow! What a gorgeous girl, great clean, smooth pussy to give the pooch all the access she needs to lick her loving owners clit and pussy inside and out. She had a sexy body, nice peek at her titty and she clearly loves what her pet is giving to her. This BBW is in love with her doggy and seriously enjoys the constant attentive licking that she is getting. Also, its obvious that the beautiful dog loves the scents and taste of her gorgeous masters sweet, salty, juicy hole. Wether or not the girl really was brought to climax is a non issue, she loved the oral stimulation and it was very, very horny to watch beast and woman both having the ultimate pleasure that they could give each other. Why just pet a pet when most are eager, able and willing to give so much more!? Awesome clip, so arousing, such beauty all around, amazing.

    browneyedog, posted

    I could just watch her all day long!!!

    koolslayergirl, posted

    This clip is awesome. I love how she spreads her legs even wider as she is about to come. Hearing her moan with pleasure made me so wet and horny. Thanks for uploading.

    animallover1981, posted

    wow she was hot

    Spells50, posted

    wow she was hot just wish she was fucking the dog

    slowpoke231, posted

    This such big turn on.

    shyangel, posted

    so wet watching this... she is so sexy and pretty... love full figured women and that dog, well what a licker. would come every time i watch it vid. really good. love hearing her moan. would love that dog to go down on me. yummmmmmmmm

    shy4834, posted

    really hot baby!!

    adrianostern, posted

    It wouldnt load for me

    ootay, posted

    She is soooooo sexy, I would love to married to such a slut! Such a pleasure to see a face!!

    garygary, posted

    she is so beautiful

    tom438, posted

    ...she is sooo hot and loving it....I'd love to munch her lovely pussy myself, especillly if she'd pet me as she does her dog....!!

    fredog51M, posted

    It does feel absolutely wonderful even if he can't tell when you climax.

    pats69, posted

    fucking wonderful looks like my wife but of course it not lol

    madcyril, posted

    vebcamsex_man@hotma─▒l.com only girl and women open cam

    nasip86, posted

    This brings a whole new meaning to the term lickitty split!! This was gorgeous!! i really liked the action and enjoyed watching it over several times

    polarize, posted

    i love this video.... i jus came all over my mans tongue watching this... it makes his dick hard too... now were about to fuck... i luv this site....

    sexygirl209, posted

    this is the way it sould be.. relaxed and natural.. i love it

    kitten2, posted

    young bitch loves her dog and he lick great her snatch*FINE*

    viancaro, posted

    This is a great vid!! What a sexy girl, wonder if she likes to play with girls too:)

    pomielover22, posted

    young hot female from florida lookin 4 some fun. message me if you're interested in hookin up

    fuckmehardbaby, posted

    Im glad you all liked the Video, I did not post it here but I was the cameraman that filmed it. yes I have more from that day. the girl is doing well I just had lunch with her last week and yes she is bi, still loves dogs, and is into more kink than I can say here..... message me if you want to see more of Melissa and she wasnt anyones wife when this was taken.....18 and still in HS

    dog4slut, posted

    Loved the way the one TIT hung out of her shirt big and JUICY!! ummmm

    wzxgbx, posted

    Loved it! Listen to the words of praise, you'll find that the woman's lover is a *female*. What a good girl, licking mommy to orgasm! Girl dogs like pussy too. Thanks for this nice vid pretty lady and good cameraman, whoever you are!

    deepsix, posted

    I just watched this video with my dog licking MY pussy....came sooooo hard!

    jamako, posted

    love is, wish i can get her dog for my pussy

    kirabunny, posted

    amazing yummy women! while dog eating her i wanna give her mouth all my tool

    KOTYORA, posted

    Ooooh I would suck those big tits while the doge licks her....nummy!

    kerri48, posted

    an amazing video one of the best on this sight hope to see more soon ^_^

    belial627, posted

    I always cum to this video I wish I could of cummed in her mouth as she cums while she gets licked

    wolfen30, posted

    I love her vocals just wish they were louder

    cltguy, posted

    i get wet just watching t his one

    doggiedoer2, posted

    Very sexy movie, can't stop watching it

    tld1970, posted

    Thats a hot girl with a hot pussy,what a lucky dog,i like to lick her too

    iluvk9sluts, posted

    movie was a little short but veyr good gota get the camera closer

    red111, posted

    very good i enjoyed hearing her moan with delite

    doggiedoer2, posted

    love the video...i came twice watching it and would love to be there with you

    rc3202, posted

    bigarse great to see your face awesome clip you really got off on that I bet that,s one good dog you have there.Are you bi cause I,d love to 69 you

    bigarse, posted

    Very pretty wife,loved seeing her enjoy herself, pooch looked happy enough too :-) is there going to be more? I hope so.

    20010forfun, posted

    good video! love the way the good puppy just lays down and starts licking away at her sweet pussy non-stop! liked hearing her enjoy it too

    dogluvr, posted

    I love when a women expresses her climax with her pooch fuckin turn on..thanks for posting!!

    DogGone09, posted

    very pretty lady

    ErinLucy, posted

    Beautiful lady deserving of a good licking!

    KnotBlkTemptres, posted

    Great Women. Great post. Lucky husband. Can we have fu----g video. Thanks

    lovlov11, posted

    Great Women. Great poat. Lucky husband. Can we have fu----g video. Thanks

    lovlov11, posted

    bubbly wife, lucky dog.

    ass_hole, posted

    What a georgious women! Marry me and spend your life having orgasms!

    mnhorse, posted

    I liked this movie, and the girl enjoyed the lick

    Breeder123, posted

    luckiest dog on earth

    bcancel, posted

    Excellent.. I wish I were the dog

    lizu123, posted

    nice i love it.

    smint123, posted

    Lucky man!! to have wife like that!

    jtas57, posted

    This vid is fucking great I just wish it was like 3min longer. She is hot and the vid is WAY WAY to short. Still love it!

    lovebbw4life, posted

    that woman was so lost in the pleasure. Awesome

    SkyFox, posted

    the woman is sexy the content is lazy

    cashronin, posted

    Shouldn't have stop dating this chick.If I only new.Can do better than dog.Still cute.

    waterdoc, posted


    bigtyme, posted

    i love ur wife so dam hot . plz keep her and the movies coming hehe

    darkd6, posted

    I would have to rate this clip as one of the best that I have ever seen,it was made even more special by being able to see the enjoyment on the pretty face of the sexy plump girl.To me it just seemed so natural which made the whole clip so much more erotic,the interacton between the women and her dog was very intimate you could see that her lover really wanted to please her.overall a very good clip of rare quality hope to see more of this girl in future.I,d give this clip five stars.*****

    bigarse, posted
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