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    Oral Bondage


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    girl giving head to black dog

    Uploaded by spshl1 · Rating: 4.2 (863 votes) · 100815 views


    She has a beautiful pussy. I want her !

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    she has other videos incase youre wondering. that is all. good day :)

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    incase you all dont know, thats Bonnie.

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    Nice licking! Would have loved some audio though!

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    pretty girl, pretty pussy. great vid, but oh i wish there was sound!!

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    OHHHHHHHH - what a good doggie - he seems to love what he's doing.

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    That was amazing. Lucky lady. I sooooo need to find a trained dog.

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    Fuck thats Good! I love it! I'd love to see the rest of this Hot video! ;)

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    If I had a pussy, I would be letting my dog lick it every day....BUT, I have a DICK and I'm afraid he'll bite it off! Women are SO lucky to have that sweet pussy right there between their legs 24/7!

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    I think it's a lesbian couple...lesbians prefer dog cock to human cock. Love the way she deepthroats him and suck his cock deliciously and get even better reward for that....would have cum multiple times with this tongue work MMMMmmmm

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    wizard1000, posted

    Oral bondage is at once a good title and a misleading one. The gorgeous woman in it is bound, some and the dog is very, very oral that's good. Misleading because she's not that tied up, which is OK, her participation (grabbing her ankles for a better spread and easier access) is a turn on. It is one of many movies found on this site that make me want to watch while having my dog do his oral thing to me. The woman, obviously, enjoys the action of a very intense licking by her K-9 lover. The way he goes after her makes one wonder how good she must taste, too. There is a little something for lots of us watching, some breast, beautiful pussy, nice legs, pretty feet, and the jacking with the dog penis dildo, an added bonus. Definitely a 5 star movie. All in all? Just one complaint. . . too short.

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    Love it!

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    It would have been better if there had been a knot and sound.

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    what sexy tattoos! <3

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    When my Doggie does me, his cold nose sends me into orbit.

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    Some dogs get more chicks than most guys do, because they've got longer tongues and bigger dicks,,,,unfortunately. But,,,,apparently, from what I've witnessed, the dog blows his load just as quick, if not quicker, than a man. Lol.

    ScurvyDog, posted

    •Aluzky• WHY NO SOUND? Other than that, that girl is good looking, good looking pussy, those tattoo looks awesome and that dog knows how to lick. Shame there is no sound in this video.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    I love how he gets in there and licks at that pussy, that's what my dog does too. (;

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    Whoo....I don't have a vagina, but can almost feel how amazing this must be! This is the best licking vid I've seen. My Aussies will do this to my dick and balls (2 at once :>), but to have this boy dig right in there....man! And to answer the question posed by the reviewer: Dogs get more pussy than guys because despite what a guy (or woman for that matter) may delude themselves into thinking, DOGS are better life partners in nearly every way, including sex!

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    Love to hear her moaning. Fantastic video

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    awesome would have been so much better with sound though super sexy girl

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    Gawd! everytime i watch this one makes me wanna touch myself :)

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    lucky woman, lucky dog, envious me!!! I wish, I could help him out, but he does not need any! looks like their haveing lots of hot fun all by them selfs! I wish it had sound, so we could have heard, sounds, of overpowering ecstacy, their body language says it. great video! please make more. thank you. :)

    south2, posted

    She would have been in ecstasy there! That tongue can get just about everywhere there is to go.

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    asir1, posted

    not to double post a comment but.. damn... that was hot. at 1:23 i couldn't take watching how her lips spread ever so perfectly with his tongue pressed in between with the long up strokes. thanks for uploading this video. Its now on my favorites list and I will be waiting for the moment it comes back onto the free bonus area.... if i had the extra money i would definitely watch this daily.. cause it is it is just that good.

    havik82, posted

    i don't care what anyone says. With or without audio.. this video had me searching for a squeegee to clean my laptop screen off. As soon as I saw the shots of the dog licking straight up the middle of her pussy... I fucking lost it... geez i wouldn't mind to trade pleases with either party.. both looked to be having a great time.

    havik82, posted

    WOAH! That dog right there is a monster licking pussy!

    omfg9999, posted

    Great clip! The dog and the bitch are obviously well trained. she's a good little cocksucker, but the bondage thing was a little weak.

    Darksidehntr, posted

    I don't think she needed to be tied up. The sensation of being licked down there is something else. And he seemed so very good at it. No wonder she could take that huge dog dido so effortlessly after he had finished licking her so thoroughly. Oooo.

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    He licked her good with his tongue inside her. He enjoyed every minute. You could tell this was not his first time doing this.

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    curious_chick, posted

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    fredog51M, posted

    well.. i love it, and the puppy did an awesome job. even though there wasn't any sound.. i made some! ^_^

    kitten2, posted

    he was sure eating her out and looked like she wanted to make sure she didnt do anything to stop him with the restraints she has on.

    k9novice, posted

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    doggiedoer2, posted

    I concur with Miramar that some audio of how the woman was reacting to her K9 licking would accent the clip. . .I would be screaming and moaning out of my mind with the sort of loving licking her K9 was giving. . . .I would have to have my legs bound in that way because I would have ended up breaking my poor dog's neck when I orgasmed over and over with the wondrous eating out he was giving. . .if only the men I've known could take a lesson from the patient, loving K9. . . . !

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    Love the tattoo. <3 And great filming, made me quite jealous. Haha, would have like to see her face a bit more, just so I can put a face to such a hot woman with a dog. ;) 5/5

    HowFurrie, posted

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    About the best licking movie I've seen, sound would have made it so much better

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    jayko, posted

    ZzZzzZ Is it over yet? I fell asleep after 1 minute 51 seconds. I guess this could be subtitled: "ask not, what the cunt can do for you... ask what your dog can do for your cunt."

    par_tgirl, posted

    wow,,, that was the hottest licking i have seen, you could tell he was getting his tongue deep, she must have loved that, his nose was rubbing her clit. its a wonder she never gushed..

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    Loved this clip...awesome view...I would eat that slick pussy for sure. Only thing that would have been better would be sound....the dog lapping at those beautiful lips and her moaning in ecstasy...hell I would have been screaming, hell I DO scream! :-)

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    orangemailbag, posted

    *amused by tattoos* :D

    drhoz, posted

    I agree with Missi... the sound would have made a very lovely addition. Beautiful clip none the less

    Jazzguy55, posted

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    the.archer1213, posted

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    4/5 cause of the lack of audio, otherwise awesome!

    doggiephan, posted

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    beast_friendly, posted

    This was pretty good, totally loved the bare exposed pussy. Along with the dog print tattoo's on either side of her waist. Would have been awesome if they had been a little lower. Totally into the bondage gave it a little extra. However no sound was a bit of a downer. Loved the dog shaped dildo. It would have been a little better if we had gotten a sight of it as it was being inserted or even if the hot girl was changed in position so that the dog could fuck her himself. Over all though good video, rate it a 7 out of 10

    lillolita, posted

    The video has one of the better scenes of a dog giving oral on the site. It starts out with the blond woman, who is beautiful, giving the dog head and from the looks of it, she was loving every minute of it. Then the dog returns the favor, and he gets his tongue buried so deep in her, he probably was hitting the back of her womb!! The video has some great closeups of this action along with a closing scene of her being impaled with a realistic doggie dildo that is being shoved into her. We all wish we could have seen the real thing entering her, but hopefully there will be a video to come in the near future!!

    Left_Field, posted

    Lickity split! Lickity split! What we all want to see! A beautifully shaved snatch, looking so angelic, and a dog born to lick. The lighting was perfect so you can see each lick the dog makes. And I'm sure the young lady was enjoying herself. She starts off the film with the dog getting a decent BJ (which woke me up in a hurry). Then its doggy's turn. And for him, it was a natural scene, doing what he does best. (Makes me wish I was him.) Using the ropes to make-believe she was tied up wasn't too bad an idea. But seeing that tongue glaze over that beautiful snatch in such perfection did it all for me. Definitely a 10"

    Omega80, posted

    This is the perfect video to get some body super super super wet and dripping like a freakin' water fall. I absolutely love the way the camera is positioned so perfectly i love it. and how the female young thin girl is seeming to enjoy every single minute of the video she has posted (if this is her in the video at all or not) i wish i was the dog because she really really seemed to like how the dog got super deep in her hot pussy. I really like this video and would give it a super high double thumbs up. 5 freakin' starts bro!

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