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    Woman And Cat


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    pussy licks womans pussy

    Uploaded by fleshfun · Rating: 4.1 (251 votes) · 162535 views


    mm this made me wet

    emmanem616, posted

    so hot. can't wait for some alone time with my kitty tomorrow.

    jadedangel4, posted

    A pussy licking a pussy!

    kegumar, posted

    Such a good little kitty. I'd spread for u.

    slavechild, posted

    Cat tongue is definitely different than dog ... both are good though

    gloree, posted

    I want my pussy licked:(

    hornygirlxo, posted

    Meow thats right! LMAO

    ilovekittensss, posted

    any girls masturbating? inbox me

    oocumoo, posted

    This clip is great! She sounds good, she loves her pussy, her kitty. She really is horny and must love that roughtongued kitty licking her pussy! That was fucking great, thanks. And I love her body and especially that beautiful cunt. Would want to lick it myself. And of course... smell it! HAPPY NEW YEAR, everybody! animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted

    very nice licking.

    anglebre02, posted

    cats are bad for my health because thay make me sick but i do think thay are cute to look at

    BlackFoxs, posted

    ill dress up like a cat and lick you, but i am a girl

    vidurstygd, posted

    I really like this one

    ssssh0102, posted

    How lucky U r to have such alovey cat to lick you ?

    gkhushi, posted

    want to feel tht as well.. hw u did it?

    lonelywife86, posted

    she sounds good,,,u can tell she loves her pussy

    creamy69, posted

    here kitty kitty kitty

    curious_chick, posted

    When I finally get my cat to do it, it bites my clit after a fre strokes -.- That's not nice :P Nice video! Would love it if my cat did it the same ;)

    Aleyah, posted

    so this womens pussy must reak of fish either that she has done one of two things to get the cat to lick her cunt. One she could have put milk in it or two she had to got some sort of fish to rub on her cunt.

    midnightryder77, posted

    This girl is really horny, must love kinky, kind of rough, aggressive sex if she like this rough tongued kitty licking her cat! My kind of girl, have gotten my feline to lick my tip and shaft a few times, it's intense, not sure how pleasurable for me though. Still something to experience. This vid is great!

    browneyedog, posted

    tell me how you got your cat to lick you

    ShieiMei, posted

    Pussy vs Pussy 8D

    lolwutututu, posted

    It's good to see that 2 pussies can get along! 8-) Great Shot! BROVO! ENCORE!

    WireFire22, posted

    awsome, thanks

    kellovesit, posted

    That was great, thanks

    snabeln, posted

    Фильм супер!

    Dima32, posted

    oh wow

    showme21, posted

    fucking great, made me soaked

    beary81, posted


    beastifreak, posted

    thats awsome ... i wanna go.

    emz694u, posted

    good Kitty!

    curious_chick, posted

    awwww.. good job kitty :)

    kitten2, posted


    hbjst, posted


    toomuchterrier, posted

    i do this with my cat

    manbearpigss, posted

    fuck yes...her pussy was hot and her sounds made me want some licking as well

    lovinhorse, posted

    god i wish i was there

    tash, posted

    Beautiful. She really enjoyed that rough tongue. Audio makes all the difference.

    Decemberist, posted

    made me cum nice pussy and ur vage was hot to

    potmonster, posted

    love this clip

    willsbutter, posted

    nice pussy

    patricia6961, posted

    wow i bet that rough tongue feels amazing!

    gangbangwhore, posted

    HOT !!! made me hard as a rock

    littlejohn75, posted

    horny as hell...

    fantas1, posted

    I want a pussy to lick my pussy...

    sunrise100, posted

    oh my gawd i came to this, it is fucking hawt! if only it was longer id be happy. Her moans fitted perfectly...mm mmm mmmmm mmmmm mm mmmmmmm mmmmm mmm m mmm mm mm mm mmmmm yeah Perfect cat-besiality video, we need much more of this in the future. There is so litle of this increadilbe stuff out there for some reason. But anywasy i think this is awesome and fucking amazing, look at that pussy go X3 [insert more words to meet requirement of 100 words that i swear i thought i reached but i apperently didnt and now im just tyyping for no reason at all or whatsoever...here]

    tripler, posted

    I actually really like this video. I mean, I have watched several beast-sex videos over the past couple of weeks but I've focused on dog-sex...and perhaps some horse sex but not really anything with cats. While I am interested in beast sex I've never given it a try as of yet. However, taking into account how comfortable you were with having your cat lick your pussy, I may give cats another glance. The angle and lighting in the video was also a plus; compared to the other petsex videos I’ve seen I must say that yours, while being decidedly simpler, was also of better quality. I truly enjoyed what you’ve shared. Definitely manage to excite me.

    naash, posted

    wow great kitty. kitty v kitty v pussy and a girl that has a black and white cat that likes to lick. My money is on the lil pink kitty on this match up. it can spray. the other cat has whiskers and a soft tail though. I am not really sure which one is the best bet. both are warm. one can make food too though and keeps coming back for more. i like the colors of the cat and that it is a high quality shot. great point of view etc. what more could you ask for? maybe a dog or 2? a fish? snake? possibly a guerilla and a nice set of thigh high socks.

    snowpatrol, posted

    A very hot video! The woman's small moans were proof of the pleasure a sandpaper-like cat tongue can give. Every female watching this will either immediately want a cat, or go looking for the house cat to do this to her. I bet men watching a scene like this will be hard as a rock! This is not beastiality, but pure bliss and passion. Also, it demostrates the love an owner and a pet share, even if it's in a way most people don't consider common. The pussy sipping up a pussy's tasty juices is definitely worthy to see, as this arouses everyone!

    iluvcats, posted

    this is a wonderful beastility video of a woman and her cat. the woman with the nice shaved pussy is being licked by her beautiful black and white pussycat. the cat with the its nice short rough tonge is licking or stroking her pussy back and forth with its tongue. the woman's nice shaved pussy was hot with the sounds of the cat licking it. sounds like the cat was slurping the juicynes of that pussy.seems like the cat and the woman are both enjoying this extordinary rough moment together. very good clip, like to see more kind of this action

    thao128, posted
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