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    Dog Lickin


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    Lovin it

    Uploaded by j712 · Rating: 2.8 (306 votes) · 71566 views


    shut the fuck up cameraman ffs

    madcyril, posted

    Can't see much!

    junglejohn, posted

    Florida guys with dogs, contact me! I wanna meet up with you and fuck you and your dog...I'll do whatever you want just to get a chance to have your k9 fuck me silly! I'll be your nasty obedient little fuck toy

    SuckK9Cock, posted

    Whoever is handling the video camera has the brain of a fucking retarded chimp.

    Viking25, posted

    beine breiter fotze weiter auseinander dann wäre es auch nicht so schwer die fotze zu lecken... tztztz

    viancaro, posted

    sexi klip fajnie by bylo miec taka laske i takiego pieska mmmmmmm

    tadek1699, posted

    If there are any girls in the Austin, TX area... I have a dog I'm trying to train. Inbox me! Or if you're just an exhibitionist and want someone to watch you on webcam or something.

    BeastlySebby, posted

    homemade licking vids are what get me off... its not about how the girl looks really, or the quality of the clip, a great view of the action... just the fact that she's getting off on the tongue of her pet. that's so fucking arousing to me! good vid.

    browneyedog, posted

    near bitavia ny

    f_butt55, posted

    Any OLD DIRTY MEN MESSAGE ME!! 27 female here! horny and wet talk fucking dirty to me!!!

    iriebliss, posted

    beautifull! my little dog will no licking to me... :( how can make she that see will licking me?? private message from me plse thx

    poesjeloesje, posted

    am all into this so hot am male with cam an female doggy add me seemenx@hotmail.com

    rolrex, posted

    Anyone in the ottawa ontario region of canada looking for someone to hold the camera? If so, message me.

    infuse90, posted

    Was it already a month, that I commented on the-cunt-slapping-woman? Maybe instead of slapping her cunt, she should have used icing, (peanut)butter, paté, liverpie. Remember, with honey you catch more flies than with vinegar. L A T E R ! ! ! 24 animalpsychologist 1.

    cleclego, posted

    no gud

    oocumoo, posted

    And then... 2 min into the clip, it froze up again. And after not paying attention to it for a while, it started back up again. But only the sound went on. No moving images were to be seen till the end of the clip. But there was sound... animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted

    Again this woman and this dog. See if this is a better working clip. NO! It's the same clip. Still with the woman, that is not patient and that keeps slapping her cunt to attrackt the dog's attention, to let him know, where he needs to lick. The dog seems not to be into licking that cunt. But that is just a phase. It does not mean that the dog is never into licking that cunt. You might say, it was tough luck for the woman. Normally the dog always eats her cunt with great vigor, so she wanted to put that on film. And exactly when she wants to put that on film, the dog shows no interest in her pussy. So she keeps slapping her pussy as if saying: 'Come on! Come lick my pussy! You know, you like it!' animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted

    Hi am str8 male into my 2 female dogs i love cammimg and cumming with women who arnt shy to share cam and experience the pleasures of beasty add me seamen_of_d_c@hotmail.com

    rolrex, posted

    complete waste of time

    johncummins2007, posted

    Where are all the South African beast lovers? Mail me at george_herman@ymail.com

    NowOrNever, posted

    anyone pay to see a licking video?

    NeedsIT69, posted

    Where do they get these reviewers? They are full of shit. They see and hear things, that are not there. Or are they ordered to be full of shit? Just sell the people shit. They'll buy it anyway. Even is their eyes and ears tell them different. Why do they have to be so full of shit? This is 1 impatient woman. And not a dog that really is into it. Have seen dogs, that are really into it. And this dog is NOT 1 of them. Further more: after 2 minutes the movie froze, and when it started up again, there was no image. Just sound. All 3 times. animalpsycologist.

    cleclego, posted

    Exodus 22:19

    Datoya, posted

    camera sur la chatte de madame et no sur le buro,tres bon chien suce super bien

    akaxora, posted

    •Aluzky• Noisy humans... let the dog lick, if he stop keep masturbating, then he will gain interest again, it is useless to call him every time he stops, it only becomes annoying for the poeple who views the video.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    movie kinda sucked

    kryan, posted

    mikkilik21; Dog seemed very loyal,but not really liking her pussy much.Maybe if she opened her legs & got abit more involved

    mikkilik21, posted

    Hey baby if you are in FL are I fuck you if you want.

    willievel, posted

    This is Beastyfriends again. Here to help anyone who has always wanted to have an animal experience. Send us a Private message or email us at beastyfriends@gmail.com and we can help. We can chat about our experiences and help you with your own. Just send us an email. We await your messages.

    BeastyFriends, posted

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    rjjuggalo, posted


    kangeroe, posted

    Smart dog I'd eat her too.

    olderbi, posted

    pity it stops halfway through, shirl.

    shirleyk9, posted

    OK, not believable that this stupid lady or dog would do this without the camera rolling though. She doesnt need this dog to get her off, unlike some women do, it's all for show.

    browneyedog, posted

    sweet lady.nice movie.many thanks.

    digitallover, posted

    d lj sd dfsd f

    millerliang, posted

    maxowaxo781@yahoo.com send me some pics or videos or some good websites wit great videos like diss one why is it always the fat chicks poor dog

    lilwayne781, posted

    Dog wasn't interested and the camera moved to much.

    lolroflmao, posted

    Waste of time and a free credit, couldnt see much, couldnt hear much. She should have been laid on the floor to enable the dog in and the camera to get more.

    Scarletslut, posted

    didnt really do much in the film other than just hit her hand on her stomach, and the dog didnt seem too interested either

    k9novice, posted

    Plain waste of time....lady, you need to spread your legs wider besides spreading your pussy lips so it is easier for the dog to access your pussy...want to see some pussy and clit and tongue action.

    Sondie, posted

    I love being licked by a dog but got nothing out of this. She didn't seem to enjoy it (no body movement), didn't open her legs wide enough for the dog to really eat her, you never got a good view of her clit, pussy, or the dog's tongue. I found this boring. Was disappointed.

    ridgerider, posted

    shes too fat. turn off

    Firelordmason, posted

    it starts out well, but then goes down hill.. they pressure the dog to much.. it's like he is being made to do it.. not good

    kitten2, posted

    no comment:( bah :(

    esparzascc, posted

    thank you

    mudang, posted

    Very bad video taping and that woman could open up her legs and let us get a better view of the dog's tongue on her pussy

    Sondie, posted

    nice to see her man gets into it also, nice lick of a nice clit...

    luvembig, posted

    Yet another fat chick. Where are the young slim girls wanting some doggie tongue?

    Viking25, posted

    uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    sanja, posted

    wow that was ok not the greatest thing in the world.

    babyface21, posted

    People,c'mon...using a fuckin' video camera IS NOT rocket science!!!!!

    BamBam807, posted

    what was there was good

    spshl1, posted

    why was it cut off at 2 minutes camera in to tight again

    edwardc, posted

    Even though the picture was poor, it looked like she really wanted that dog cock. Loved the way her clit swelled up and she rubbed it to get all the pleasure she could.What a lucky dog to be able to lick that sweet looking pussy and clit, and obviously she enjoys it so much from the wiggling and moaning she emits as the dog really gets into licking her deep inside that wet and hot pussy!!! This is one great video, which makes you hot and horny as it goes along, and what a finish with her moaning in ecstasy from a great tongue lashing

    onlyiwould, posted
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