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    Knot Close Up


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    Close up of a dog tied with a woman

    Uploaded by knottygirl · Rating: 4.3 (263 votes) · 83966 views


    its so horney,when the knot a inside

    petseximmergeil, posted

    looks and sounds like it was super good!

    mefirst, posted

    Amazing! very hot.. love it!

    tashacoop, posted

    Love it! Lucky girl!!!

    cathydark, posted

    i love this vid. full or not. it is by far my fav vid of beastiality in this world

    Shinigami_Aros, posted

    thats an instand boner

    damtrav, posted

    I just wish there was more. Awesome knot, awesome audio.

    w0ifeyez, posted

    Klasse die Frau wird richtig heiß als der Knoten groß ist

    schwanzimarsch, posted

    One of the best movies around....great camera work, good lighting,and wonderful knot....just wish there was more....

    lizzielow, posted

    What a wonderful feeling having something as big as that great knot of his slip slowly out. No wonder she needed to feel herself down there afterwards to make sure it was just his knot that had slipped out from inside her.

    pats69, posted

    Holy shit i love this. Great camera work to get in close for him pulling his knot out. Love hearing her moaning and the pop when his cock comes out. One of the best knotting clips i've seen.

    rushman34, posted

    yes what a fuck!!!! who is she i need her to tell me something, what a screw

    sexierme, posted

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    Csmile, posted

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    sissybutt, posted

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    Ashishere, posted

    Wow! Great shot of her stretched out over the knot as it pops out!

    buckser, posted

    wow what a good dog knot wish i could have been ther to watch it

    deerorturkey, posted

    awesome wife and I liked it

    railway88, posted

    Excelllent moaning! She loed that cock!

    fordman6965, posted

    It was good. see why its highly rated.

    alifealife22, posted

    Its pretty good, but I wish they would take the rubber off of the dam dog!


    wow. paris hilton finally found a use for herself.

    tonktaf, posted

    send me the vid at ryanland29@yahoo.in also loved the the knot

    penisinvag, posted

    lol it made a pop sound XD

    serrta, posted

    Shes really hot! and the knot is amazing

    wagamanel, posted


    totolata001, posted

    oh my god! i want a knot in me now! i loved it

    HotPink69, posted

    Loved the pop. I'll bet she must have cum all over his knot

    laker729, posted

    nice popping sound

    akataz8, posted

    I liked the pop too, didn't sound like it hurt? Lucky Girl!

    djw, posted

    MMMMMMMM He well and truly mated with his bitch!

    davedeprave, posted

    mmmm he can fuck me too

    JessiMom, posted

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    adelaidestud, posted

    When the pop came. The pussy cried out for her dear knot partner

    sapphireailish, posted

    that is so hot mmmm so wet right now.. you can hear the sucking pop as he pulls out of her... oh my god want him.

    whorenextdoor, posted

    wow he has a hot cock i would suck it for him and i,m a guy

    joe_murtagh, posted

    omg i have got to try this... any guys interested in getting together? young hot female in the US. Message me! <3

    fuckmehardbaby, posted

    MmmmMMMmmmmMMMMmm loved the 'pop' Wish it was me mmmmMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmMMMMMMMMmmmmmm

    DoubleD, posted

    great scene....thx 4 upload

    Bossanchero, posted

    Wish it were me. Good little clip.

    wandering_soul, posted

    oh yeah that is the stuff i like ;)

    Hondenmeisje, posted

    Thanks for shering ;)

    lise_k9, posted

    tres beau

    bondawou, posted

    nice video, lucky woman, and i hope her human partner fucked her right after that because she was wet and ready for more

    meli, posted

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    maxblack, posted

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    johns56ford, posted


    waheed666, posted

    oh yes! very nice video, thanks for sharing, knottygirl! loved hearing her sounds of pleasure

    dogluvr, posted

    I love knots...

    u7u7u7, posted


    titobad68, posted

    I love it

    sinni, posted


    action, posted

    Mmmmm I love being Knottied by my Rotty

    candi69, posted

    awsome like to lick that knot with you

    piefrie, posted

    Honestly - NOTHING hotter than seeing a lovely knot come out a lovely pussy....WOW....thanks. LOVED it!!

    Bashing_bishop, posted

    nice knot

    sparks630, posted

    nice very nice, i would love to join in

    bitchfuck, posted

    I like watch.

    zhanghua2533, posted

    that got me up in a hurry

    lightning_po, posted

    very VERY SEX-X-X-Xy... any thing like this around Billings Montana?

    RBS, posted

    such a nice puss

    jaykid, posted


    K9SEX, posted

    how would i get this kinda knot &cock.......muwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    anna10, posted


    beeloo69, posted

    I want a big cock and big knot like that inside my pussy.

    doggy_lover269, posted

    she enjoyed that big hard dog cock inside her.

    cissyboy1uk, posted


    Hal08872, posted

    sooo hot. would love to have that in my @$$

    colinut03, posted

    This is a great and vivid video of my personal favorite, female on male dog action. This strong and proud dog is farely good at what he does and knows how to get the girl good. This video is strong and can turn on any one whose into beastiality. The quality of this video is great and the angle just right to see both parties. The sound quality is good and can turn on any one who just loves the sound effects of a girl getting pleased. All over the videos quality and performace gets a strong thumbs up from this veiwer.

    relaga, posted
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