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    Amature Dog Lick


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    dog licks my friend's clit

    Uploaded by kevinryan · Rating: 4.4 (260 votes) · 55787 views


    Nice dog licking, but that pussy is disgusting as fuck...

    moonlightshadow, posted

    Phenomenal and sooooo very delicious!

    dirk20200, posted

    Indeed, I've never seen a dog licking like that !! The woman is very cute, lovely, fat and hairy as I like. The dog licks with passion, we see that he loves to lick his mistress, he knows perfectly well how to like his mistress in deeper. I dream to have a dog like this who will like very much to lick me for a long time. Thanks for this video and please upload other videos like this !! Be licked by a dog is the more fabulous sex practise which exists !!!

    pussylick69, posted


    aroger77, posted

    That pussy looks so, so yummy.

    lionlicker, posted

    great mmmmmmmmmm

    cockie53, posted

    oh fuck yeah!

    smitka22, posted

    nice video...damn

    nereop27, posted

    I really am amazed at the size of this woman's clit when she spread open her pussy lips....nice wet swollen clit and love to see the dog licking it....again, this vid makes my pussy wet and wish that dog was here licking my pussy. Thanks for showng me that fat women have nice big clits.

    ladybug5555, posted

    He should put his nose in her pussy and some1 should hold her legs so she can't move. mmmmmmm

    Lily90291, posted

    That pussy must taste good

    error1986, posted

    the best dog I've seen so far. nice

    pupprincess, posted

    This is one dog who likes to lick. He's loving the taste of that pussy, with no coaxing he goes and goes, rubbing his nose against her clit as he tries to get that tongue deep for full flavor. Mmm.

    rainyrain, posted

    the dog loves the pussy...nice lick and i hear the lick sound,wonderful!!!

    viancaro, posted

    Oh ya, I loved it. Makes my pussy wet. She needed to open that pussy up somemore, so that tongue could go in deeper. But I love it.

    snowtlc, posted

    i love big girl and that dog licking that big pussy was great i wish it was me licking that big woman fat pussy and that big fat clit was so lovly sitting there made me horny somthing bad. i wish that big pussy was my thing.

    bird1paulie1, posted

    love the sound of the dog licking its amazing

    roro1516, posted

    omg;;;...this vid nearly made me cum!

    K9_Curious_CDN, posted

    How awesome was that...... must of felt so nice. keep enjoying. x

    astrogals, posted

    This is definately my favorite vid. The best pussy and ass licking vid I have seen yet. Makes me wish I had a dog to lick me like that.

    littlelana, posted

    This is definitely one of my favourites....almost felt that dog's tongue licking my pussy....this is probably the best pussy licking vids. I have seen on this site...I envy that woman.

    Sondie, posted

    I really am amazed at the size of this woman's clit when she spread open her pussy lips....nice wet swollen clit and love to see the dog licking it....again, this vid makes my pussy wet and wish that dog was here licking my pussy. Thanks for showng me that fat women have nice big clits.

    Sondie, posted

    Will never be tired of watching this dog licking that pussy...especially when she spreads her pussy lips wide open and see how the dog licks that swollen clit....wish that dog was licking my pussy...would be forever happy

    Sondie, posted

    just so much meat to eat , i love it

    prs00050, posted

    Great big PUSSAA. Great long lick.... More to see please.

    lovlov11, posted

    wow.... that is a fat pussy... yum

    thentherewas, posted

    Love mine licking my pussy too.

    JessiMom, posted

    great licking , but pussy needs to be shaved! it would better clean shaven, !!

    littlebit3860, posted

    nice pussy and very lucky dog!!!

    sefriendlyguy, posted

    Lucky girl!!!!!

    sefriendlyguy, posted

    Lucky girl!

    dogcok4me2have, posted

    very good

    bhenchod, posted

    very good

    bhenchod, posted

    Fantastic vid, I love my dog doing that for me, hell, I love anyone doing that for me

    JessiMom, posted

    loved the video!!!!

    sefriendlyguy, posted

    great vid!

    rainajonesin, posted

    How did you train that dog? Bet it felt gooooood

    boylans, posted

    wow what a wonderful dog !! licked good!! i bet felt great!! i want that too!! good 4 u love!!

    littlebit3860, posted

    Whoow it be sooo gooood

    Piffen, posted

    mmmm what a lucky bitch wish it was me xx

    Belinda402007, posted

    Oh good boy!

    needsastud, posted

    hi verey good hot seen ....thanks tooooooooooo

    omancabletv, posted

    Now that's how you eat pussy!! Man or dog I'm taking bids - my pussy is hungry and ready. This movie just turned up the HEAT!! Any takers??

    junette, posted


    ridaroni, posted

    That was fantastic.

    footpaw, posted


    jaker51, posted


    wertyxyz, posted

    Love that.. Lick me please...Kisses Maria

    miamullig, posted

    Mmmmm I wet

    boababsa2, posted

    i just came.

    sicko999, posted

    oh Im jealous, I wish I had that dog to lick my clit

    BANGLESAU, posted

    Thanks wuffy :)

    kevinryan, posted

    im really enjoying this vid ^.^

    wuffy, posted

    fredloveshorse, zooporn and dogxxxoid your sites suck cock baddly i mean they are a stinking virus filled shitehole SPAMMERS!

    wuffy, posted

    I loved it! Especially listening to the sound of thee dog licking!

    febfantasia, posted


    sallysun, posted

    very very hot

    d.cole, posted

    loved when she opened up and the dog just loved it!Hot..

    tan69, posted

    Very nice !!

    naughtybbw, posted

    coitado deste dog

    putinhasafada, posted

    ugly cunt to you maybe...i think its hot the dog is ok!

    wuffy, posted

    ugly cunt though!! nice dog

    Animaloveruk, posted


    jaker50, posted

    wow he looks like hes loving that hot hatch!

    wuffy, posted

    this was supurb and facinating. Never thought this could be so. I love it all the time I just want to watcha nd watch. How can someone be so good at what they do, I need some more of that and see it more often. Why do people do what thy want, I have been looking for years on this subject and cant figure it out. I think its funny sleep eat play do it all at the sane time. how can i make this more longer. I just cant see why it has to be. I think I wrote enough i want to do more and more and more but time isnt just there, please help i need more words

    eyepain, posted
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