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    Amature Dog Fuck


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    after the lick come the fuck of course :) now why do i fancy a coke?

    Uploaded by kevinryan · Rating: 3.4 (1280 votes) · 211796 views


    Any one in San Diego

    wma53ca, posted

    Coke, soda pop explains the weight and bad teeth, but not washing your crack is just plain lazy and gross.

    KennyCopafiel, posted

    Good boy1 Filling your human lovers vagina with your k9 sperms deep inside to fill her womb ;)

    mehoff, posted

    This is a good one with her dog doing some fine licking and getting her ready for his red hot dick and knot. They seem to be reasonably accustomed to one another in the way the action works and she chuckles and giggles and speaks to her mounted partner in loving sweet talk. She obviously loves what she is getting.

    Raestorman, posted

    Not bad! A little blurry at times, but some nice shots! Would love to fuck that ass of hers for sure.

    junglejohn, posted

    sexy lady...sexy ass, sexy licking, sexy fucking , everything is so sexy... i would love to have gf as like her....sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    jackdk9, posted

    Amazing love it

    sanxavier8, posted

    Don't know why it's called amature

    cjjj12345, posted

    this pooch is the don juan of k9 lovers. love the licking and the nice solid pounding. a nice change of pace from the frantic copulating. this dog grinds his cock nice and deep in her pussy...making her moan. would love this dog fucking my wet pussy right now.....

    k9allthetime, posted

    I loved hearing the wet fucking noises....the sound of her pussy being filled with dog cum...i'd lick all of the cum from her pussy!

    lynn7272, posted

    not bad... a good clip showing a couple and their dog. this is real life beast sex and shows what actually happens between people and their pets. if you don't like this short vid then you don't really understand this taboo.

    browneyedog, posted

    not bad made me wet x

    hjcstc, posted

    near bitavia ny

    f_butt55, posted

    male seeking woman to have fun with my dog,, message me if interested!

    bianca18, posted

    love the sounds of slapping as the dog fucks her :-) fuck ild love to witness this action 1st hand

    gemini69er, posted

    That is so hot the way he tasted his mistress first before mounting her and pleasuring her.

    breeder09, posted

    fuck would be nice to see this in action for real.mmm ild fuck the woman aftr and have the dog lick the cum out of her too

    gemini69er, posted

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    izzmaster18, posted

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    ciombe, posted

    this fat cunt would have a better time with a pony

    Escorpio, posted

    if anybody in melbourne fl has a well endowed dog or pony and wouldn't mind me sex with them please message me. ps i wouldn't mind being recorded.

    boatman6969, posted

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    hotrod167, posted

    good knott time.

    1billy4unow, posted

    the video would've been better if the person filmimg had focused more on the lucky woman getting fucked than her surroundings.

    colin43, posted

    i would like to see my big dog doing this any females want to give him a shot hit me up berrobhar71@yahoo.com

    henchman71, posted

    I loved hearing the sound of her pussy being filled up with doggy cum...I wish I was there to lick the cum out of her dripping cunt! Anyone in NC have a dog I could suck and fuck?

    lynn7272, posted

    any girls from maryland into this?

    chevy-723, posted

    never done it but want to try 17/f message me

    insominac69, posted


    ming2211, posted

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    rolrex, posted

    mmm any girls masturbating? inbox me

    oocumoo, posted

    i nvr done it, looking forward to it, just saying but its hot to watch closeup of the hot drippings after, all the thick cum oozing out,,, A+ to her for doing it tho, and don't give up I'm sure gets better with practice :)

    zimking2, posted

    The woman starts out being in the wrong position. She maybe thinks, that being on her knees, is the doggy position. No, it's not. Doggy position is being on all 4s. She's not on all 4s. The dog gave her a good fuck anyway. And stayed on top of her afterwards. Not too long, but... L A T E R ! ! ! 0902 animalpsychologist 1.

    cleclego, posted

    very nice, and good audio.

    jayko, posted

    looking for a female dog in west midlands UK message me

    zortans, posted

    looking for a female dog in Framington NM if anyone has one please let me know. i'll be here untell friday day.

    ghantry10, posted

    Good fuck! The dog reminds me of a neighbour's dog, that used to come in our garden to fuck our dog. I'm speaking of ab oug 50 yrs a, so the dogs from back then are not alive anymore. None. He was the smallest of all the dogs, that came in our garden to fuck our dog. Some of 'em were real big dogs, like calves. the woman's got great legs and a great ass and beautiful, fat cuntlips. L A T E R ! ! ! 26 animalpsychologist 1.

    cleclego, posted

    to bad the movies here didn't work right.sounds when nothing even going on,then no sounds when he's fucking her,

    10string, posted

    Wht do people get out of fuckin a dog

    nappypussy, posted

    any girls masturbating? inbox me

    oocumoo, posted


    xzjiqing, posted

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    brandimarie81, posted

    pretty lick

    akaxora, posted

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    grausamahmet, posted

    This woman too, with her beautiful legs and her beautiful fat cuntlips, does not know, what doggystyle or all 4s means. It does NOT mean all twos, it does NOT mean standing on your hindlegs, resting on your elbows or resting your shoulders down on the ground. I have never seen a bitch do that while being fucked. So that is NOT doggystyle. And if you want a dog to stay on top of you, after he cummed, you need to stand on all fours. animalpsycologist.

    cleclego, posted

    tres bonne qualité de son

    akaxora, posted

    Okay, so the woman is an amateur. But so is the guy holding the camera. She's got great legs and a great ass. And SOME cunt! animalpsycologist.

    cleclego, posted

    you look good my wife fuck r dog

    imskul, posted

    i wish i fuck this lovely big ass

    casanova1972, posted

    Good dog! Good fuck! He reminds me of a neighbour's dog, that always came in our garden to fuck our dog. Mostly he didn't get a chance to fuck her, because all the dogs of the neighbours were there to fuck her and he, being the smallest, never got a chance to fuck her. But 1 day, I chased all the big dogs out of the garden. He stayed behind and finally got his chance to fuck her. And he did. And knotted her, though she was bigger than he was. This dog knotted the woman too. But people, having bigger and looser cunts than dogs, don't get tied as easily. animalpsycologist.

    cleclego, posted

    Good job.Nice nice big ass(I love them BBW)and she liked doing it with pooch.Lucky dog I'd fuck her too.

    Dave60, posted

    one big ass but he knows how to use it and I'd take her too

    dclapper, posted

    Now I know what they mean when they say,lucky dog. I've got 4 days of cum stored up in me. Who wants some?

    bigandbeefy, posted

    nice to see the cum drip out near the end.

    jonpol69, posted

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    ciombe, posted

    Worth the watch just to see all that hairy muff. Love to pleasure her while dog makes up his mind.

    cannone69, posted

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    zoocplebelgique, posted

    poor dog

    cajun211, posted

    •Aluzky• Good video, thanks for sharing.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    Anyone in the ottawa ontario region of canada need somone to hold the camera for them? If so, message me.

    infuse90, posted

    That was hot loved to see him filling her pussy and satisfying her by filling her willing horny with cum till iot runs out,very hot!

    breeder09, posted

    very nice love the sounds.mmm so hot

    crystal77, posted

    what a couple having sex with they dog.

    samsonsam123, posted

    Excellent video! It had a decent pace and I love to hear the sounds :)

    ZenfoldT, posted

    Love the fat pussy

    kinkyhorsefuck, posted

    The girl is hot. I'd like to stick my cock in that pussy.

    bigandbeefy, posted

    An amazing number of people make the SAME MISTAKE when making videos. They have the camera at such closer quarters that you have trouble seeing what's going on. PULL BACK a little...and use a better overall angle (like a three quarter "from behind" angle). Also...mount your camera on a steady platform. Shaky camera work detracts from the effect.

    dogweener, posted

    That is an ugly ass only a dog could fuck her !!

    henrygs, posted

    For being an amateur she takes that dog cock like a pro,very nice!

    breeder09, posted

    wwwhhhhaaat? You people are fucking crazy. That woman was NOT attractive.

    anonyno5, posted

    She is so lucky! I really want to do this SOON. Anyone wanna help? ;)

    ilovecreampies, posted

    the dog was GRRRReat very attentive and calm just went to work on the ladies gorgeous sexy seductive pussy & ass irish6925@yahoo.com

    Friendly69, posted

    That is a great looking ass.

    birich, posted

    Large pussy and a fine ass. Just wish I could find a BBW for myself.

    tinymut, posted

    That was a nice ass that bbw had ill be her dog lol

    biquick5, posted

    ggod dog he could fuck me anytime

    damtrav, posted

    I would love to fuck her in the ass not the pussy

    fredpotts, posted

    sweet sub plumper.

    digitallover, posted

    the dog can have the pussy ,i'll take and put my cock in her ass and mouth

    myhole, posted

    der rüde weiß was gut schmeckt

    Flowerpotman, posted

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    leek2009, posted

    nice bum i would like to fuck her after the dog was dun on her.

    smint123, posted

    some time i wish i was a women to experience this

    pupyfuckanal101, posted

    Oh My !!!!...I cant even imagine the wonderull sensations and feelings she is having...so sensual and erotic...

    LonelyLady, posted

    Didn't look like 2 amatures there. Looked to me like the dog his his mark the first time he mounted her. NICE

    farmerdoug1957, posted

    Wish I had a dog!!!

    adb1960, posted

    nice hot clip

    ric22, posted

    I just want to be fucked by a willing dog so badly I can hardly stand it.

    Decemberist, posted


    fredpotts, posted

    so hot!

    Daniel79, posted

    I'm wet from watching this! I want to be fucked by a dog so badly.

    animallover28, posted

    goei geluid mooi

    kangeroe, posted

    One of the best ever! Hot and very fulfilling! She takes it very nicely and he gives it just as good! Nice!

    dirk20200, posted

    Very nice that this woman enjoys her dog and gave him a sexual release !! Good boy Good boy!!!

    mehoff, posted

    Realy liked it

    babydollaz, posted

    very nice vid

    anubas69, posted

    The Girls name in the video is Mel. She lives in Encinitas California. You can find post of her under the name mel_pup.

    swsxswsx, posted

    i love that wet sound

    weewooilike, posted

    Pretty BIG crack for that little doggie.


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    rolrex, posted

    lov his big bbw wife lov her from the back the view of her thick thighs meaty pussy and that big belly hanging are so sexy, and that she fucks dogs

    beastsexbill, posted

    Move the dog out of the way, I want to lick this fat sluts cunt too.

    UncleP, posted

    i hope one day the site will be TOTALLY FREE Seriously ... stop make us pay

    mouhaputin, posted

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    sanjtiwari, posted

    Your pussy is a wonder!I volenteer for oral cleanup.

    skraeling23, posted

    I think its pretty good too Tnanks for the clip

    mikiyrogers, posted

    lol its not a border collie so you better give up the ice tea tonktaf

    wuffy, posted

    I guess hairy fat-assed women need love too. And the approval gained from their man by giving it up to a border colllie. Fat bitch: shave that ass and lay off the Coca-Cola. Drink some iced tea. Border collie: I guess you didn't do anything wrong. Still, I think you could do a lot better than her.

    tonktaf, posted

    tienes un culo grande

    Humboldt, posted

    wish she would've been more vocal

    nw_m_21, posted

    eine reife Pussy, die da der Hund nehmen durfte. Schön, dass sowas privat gemacht wird. Wer in Germany / NRW fickt privat und real mit Tieren und lässt mich zusehen, oder auch mitmachen...??

    gutnichtschnell, posted

    muy bueno me gusta

    fernanxxxd, posted

    sweet lady.

    digitallover, posted

    very nice

    uogxlp, posted

    If I filmed this I would keep the camera on the action not the pop bottle at the end of the sofa.

    cincinnati_bi, posted

    where are all the women who give private shows eh? lol

    Pacific, posted

    still like this video, wish I had that dog to lick my pussy and then fuck me hard

    kcfucd, posted

    yes, i need to be fucked like that. over and over

    slavetok9, posted


    gusito35, posted

    great clip and horny still smacking and licking sounds. very nice!

    viancaro, posted

    An excellent video. I really enjoyed the action and obvious connection between man, woman and pet. Fantastic!!!!

    polarize, posted

    She has a nice pussy, I'd love to lick her after a doggie fuck

    UncleP, posted

    I loved hearing how wet and juicy she was getting, she is very lucky 2 get fucked and licked like that! wish it was my pussy!

    kcfucd, posted

    I want that!

    lars123lars, posted

    its all good fun and enjoyment those of you who moaned..hey what can i say??? we enjoy it and TBH ite more fun to be having a 3 way with our dog than holding a fucking camera for ppl here. for those who enjoyed this vid..thankyou and sorry it wasnt great. my minds normaly on my sex partners than a camera..and those who moaned...get to fuck with ya ;) i really dont care nor does my wife and out dog cares even less for you :D . this site really doent honour uploads enough tbh so i dont think we will be uploading anymore at this time saddly

    wuffy, posted

    Always appreciate a video but what is it with the SUPER CLOSE-UPS... Heard more giggles than moans....Try using a tripod.. Works much better.

    fromalbany, posted


    ohyeah2, posted

    good dog

    246748ajacs, posted

    If you use your cock as are using the camera, I am not surprised that your wife preferer to be fucked by the dog

    shaitanx, posted

    hot!!!!!!! small dog.. she didnt sound like she was enjoying it...

    xanadu, posted

    amazing vid hey if anyone wants free pics or clips send me an email at zach8892@gmail.com

    Micka8892, posted

    you must ne fucking the wrong guys innocentgirl lol

    madcyril, posted

    she loved being dog fucked and loved watching ,,,,can we meet ???????

    nytro, posted

    shit camera work

    kiario, posted

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    Har00n, posted

    I like it. I was gonna comment more but theres way too much drama on this page already. stupid humans!

    jayko, posted

    god i love big asses so much, and when they get knotted; seeing a huge big ass crack, or a cottage cheese ass with dimples all over it...mmmmm fuck yeah, and i love how the knot plopped out, so hot

    Deeke, posted

    At least when they knot, the dog stays in place! When most men cum they pull out, and go to sleep lol

    innocentgirl, posted

    She got filled wit his hot cum! Let Lassiepussie be next to be bred please!

    mehoff, posted

    ooo.... stick it 2 me.... luv it! yum..... cum 2 me!

    Lassiepussie, posted

    hot ! very great position

    bobo1000, posted

    hot stuff great arse

    montana23, posted

    desimator900 you fucking knob me and kevinryan made this vid ourselves. unless its been copied from this site and posted elsewere you wont find this short clip [along with the licking part] on any other site. its trolls like you that spoil it for everyone so why dont you fuck off back to your little shithole under a rock and drop dead! [warning to all other users of this site if anyone can report : desimator900 as he/she is spamming/trolling kevinryan constantly]

    wuffy, posted

    yeah thanks desimator but since I have the original camera nd tape this was filmed on i think it's you who should stfu. ENJOY!

    kevinryan, posted

    Kevinryan...stfu, this ISN'T your video, nor is it your "friends". Your too stupid for your own good, the people who run this site have seen this video numerous times, as have I. Taking credit for someone elses production...Your pathetic...

    desimator900, posted

    Love your arse baby you made me wet please send more

    bigarse, posted

    Hey petsex. will you stop changing the description of this film >.< It is simply my friend, a LADY, getting fucked by her boyfriends dog. She isnt on the net anywhere else. She isnt a slave boy and the dog's name is Blaze.!!! effing different description everytime I check!

    kevinryan, posted

    i like it, i like them all those lucky bitches one day you will see my fat sexi azz there too.. mssxymexslt atyahooo cali baby...

    mssxymexslt, posted

    at vıdeoları niye yok.

    zz0xxww, posted

    Wish i knew someone with a dog that would let it fuck me :(

    doggy2255, posted

    Wow this chick is hot! I can't believe she's on petsex. I saw her on adultplayground,ca and she's got some pretty sexy videos there. What a body she has, she even goes on cam a lot on that site , teasing, showing, she even takes requests.

    1sexygirl4u18, posted

    mmmm I bet she stays in this position all day getting taged by dogs

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    galli, posted

    lov her big sexy thigsh and hanging belly! lov tha big wet dark stained pussy!

    beastsexbill, posted

    erm lol vrc005? cant see where wuffy was being racist there. anyhoo...seeing how she never mentioned black anything in any wording. But thanks for sharing your view n that.....

    kevinryan, posted

    lol someones got a chip bigger than harry ramsdens! scammer!

    wuffy, posted

    lol vcr005 your funny i like you ^.^ wanna be my friend? we can have cupcakes and tea all day and play mummys and daddys!

    wuffy, posted

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    vrc005, posted

    wow hes sure filling you up... id say the camera guy is enjoying the view too much...wonder if he gets a go after? great amature clip!

    wuffy, posted

    I would have given this one an awesome plus rating, but there were a few small improvements that could have been made. I wanted to see a little of her face---and having the mic a little closer to her mouth would have been a plus, It was a turn-on hearing this lucky girl keep saying Good Boy Good Boy as she got it hard from the family doggie. She took it like an old pro, Just like spanky 1010, i just loved how she bent her butt up high in the air for the stud to mount her right in front of her man. Net time make a change in the top--I want to see your breasts swinging with stiff long nipples while that puppy is fucking you -- LOVE the wet slurping sounds of your slippery vagina. Did that Good Boy do anything to your cervix?. I would love to be in either his or her shoes, having a lovely wife that is willing to perform acts with a dog on camera. WOW, If only it would have been longer.

    RobbieO, posted

    awesome film, very good looking girl got it hard from this nicely hung doggie. She took it like an old pro, i just loved how she bent her butt up high in the air for the stud to mount her right infront of her man. I am pretty sure that he enjoyed it too as you could hear him jacking off in the back ground. I would love to be in his shoes, having a lovely wife that is willing to perform acts with a dog on camera. WOW, what a lucky guy. I give this film 9 out of 10, I would have givin it a 10 if it would have been longer. Overall very good, hot, sticky, film

    spanky1010, posted

    Dam. This a good vid. Wish the knot could have shwn more. Loved seeing that furry rascal lick her asshole. She was taking it like a champ. More cumming would have been great . This lady should have been butt naked. Hearing her made me almost cum. I jus cant imagine how good a dogs cock must feel inside. I would soo stick that pink cock in my mouth and suck it til it blows all its juices in my pretty face. Mmmm someone should post a video like that. I want to have a great dane knot in me. And take it just like a bitch would

    vampygal, posted

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    djgeggi, posted

    awesome film, very good looking girl got it hard from this nicely hung doggie. She took it like an old pro, i just loved how she bent her butt up high in the air for the stud to mount her right infront of her man. I am pretty sure that he enjoyed it too as you could hear him jacking off in the back ground. I would love to be in his shoes, having a lovely wife that is willing to perform acts with a dog on camera. WOW, what a lucky guy. I give this film 9 out of 10, I would have givin it a 10 if it would have been longer. Overall very good, hot, sticky, film.

    brand32, posted

    Well I hope you like this one. Since I was the slave boy in the film.. Dino lays it to me yet again. After shawn tried to open me up with her strapon. She treated me like a real bitch just shoved it in and plowed away. This has been edited down. Filming took over an hour, with me getting used repeatedly by scoob, and dino. Good film of a male bitch, I really miss those dog's cocks. Dino's huge puppy maker and knot i felt like I was being split apart. So sit back relax, whip it out if you need to and keep the lotion handy!!!

    baronosu1, posted
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