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    Beach Babe


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    This video is considered a "classic" for a reason. It’s one of the most action-packed and REAL videos you’ll ever have the pleasure of viewing. This babe and her german shepherd play, tease and fuck like there’s no tomorrow. He takes charge often, letting her know who’s really the boss. He fucks her over and over and over again, and prefers to take her missionary style, and does so many times over.As she talks and cajoles him throughout the video, she finds herself with a mouthful of dogcock towards the end, almost choking on his seemingly endless supply of cum. If you haven’t seen this one yet, it’s one you don’t want to miss!!

    Uploaded by caledonian · Rating: 4.6 (188 votes) · 14567 views


    says "stream mot found"...not cool

    lebead78, posted

    More missionary

    wolfman31, posted

    Watching this movie this girl I feel was in her late teens or early twenties but either way very beautiful and her and her k9 are in love :)

    mehoff, posted

    This is before everything is faked and spliced in . But it is a classic ;)

    mehoff, posted

    i want to see the FULL movie cause they keep like cutting out. camera work could have been ALOT better would have loved to have seen that gerougus boy knot her or at least see the penatration

    nomansslave, posted

    is there a better copy of this movie.

    nomansslave, posted

    This is a great movie and definatly a classic she is certainly the dogs bitch, the only thing wrong with this movie is the shepard never knots with her but she sure enjoys everything he does to her and him to her

    nndosx, posted

    well well well, its about fucking time. I give this flick a rating of five stiff dicks out of five. no need to pontificate. my word is good enough. watch and wack.

    deltablue, posted

    She loves "Good Boy", an amazing video...the quality could have been better...

    oldman60, posted

    a very good movie

    harleyforfun, posted

    il l'enfile pas dedans

    a_lodie, posted

    great movie, real interaction, not just doing it for the camera, but because they both love it.

    moose225, posted

    great movie

    kursinger, posted

    i dont think the dog penetrated her once in the half hour they fucked.

    seivom10, posted

    This is a great movie, wish I could have that big dog dick in my ass. A big turn-on for me I love it.

    realgood, posted

    the best movie i love it

    pitbull10, posted

    WOW...I loved this movie.....GREAT!!!

    oldman60, posted

    All that horny little tight hole bitch needs is a good 10" human DICK for a good 10 hrs. strait. Send her to TEXAS we"ll SPLIT her like a Oak log!

    knotnall, posted

    What a fucking horny movie! Like a trip to paradise... They are lovers.

    Extremazur, posted

    as you say,this is a classic shame there is no more like this

    johnlob, posted

    this is a very good movie, but it could have been alot better, he vdeo itelf could have been better quality, and although he mounts her ALOT you NEVER actaluy see him penatrat or knot her which sucks. the sounds was good though, all in all very nice movie i have watched it several times i realy would LOVE to see another movie from these two with better video quality and showing the penatration and knoting. and more of him licking hr pussy and ass and more vocals from her like hes in my pussy or my ass things like that and tell everyone how he feels in her like OOOO hes so big you know stuff like that.

    nomansslave, posted

    In my view, one of the best movies i have seen. this girl is truly in touch with her pet. they love each other. This girl takes it like a champ, and likes it. Like no other. You can tell, this was not her first swarey. She has been taking it from her shepard for a long time... and she likes it. A nasty girl... like no other. The expression on her face.. .is priceless... u can tell she loves it for real... what a nasty little slut... one could only wish for a woman like that... wish i had met her first... hahahahaha... maybe in another life...

    hyampom, posted
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