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    Cream Dog


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    One of the better ways to get a dog licking you, is cream. Wherever it is spread, the area beneath it will be stimulated. A fun fact most of us know— especially this woman. She spreads it all over her body; nipples to pussy. And her two dogs are ready to lap it up for her.She spreads herself open, trying to get the cream all over. Her face gets all red once the dogs really start to lick. Her hips start thrusting, and she rubs herself with two fingers. Sweat, among other things, starts to drip from her salacious body. It isn’t long until genital overstimulation sends her to orgasm.

    Uploaded by caledonian · Rating: 3.1 (15 votes) · 3719 views


    beautiful erotic babe!

    Prasak, posted

    you can tell she enjoyed what she was doing.

    fredpotts, posted

    This was a lovely movie full of eroticism enjoyed by the lady.

    adventurer08540, posted

    Eine geile Frau, zwei Hunde, viel Sahne aber kein Finale. Schade.

    360Grad, posted

    this is the one that started my ex on the life style. the passion shown on this lady's face and the frantic thrusting of here hips had my ex soaked and calling for the boys before it was over. good film for an introduction. if this doesn't get you going in for it your not watching the whole thing. the look on her face the thrust of her hips say all there is to what this lady is feeling and wanting more of. no doubt she was back for more,so was my ex. she still has the movie and acts it out.

    fungy, posted
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