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    Mistress Beast Family Fun


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    Uploaded by caledonian · Rating: 3.8 (43 votes) · 9104 views


    she is hot! makes me very horny!

    Prasak, posted

    That was good, but she should have eaten some of that cum and told how it tastes and what to expect if he comes in your mouth.

    sildolan, posted

    Purely what people should see on a daily basis this video should be in the bonus area for a good while!!

    ChaseBreen1981, posted

    thats one luck dog

    want0be60, posted

    This a great film for any women or men that are beginning or interested in have sex with their dog. Mistress gives the view some very good and well needed tips on the parts of the dog penis, what to do to get the dick out, what not to do when it’s out and what to expect when the dog dick is inside of you. She also gives the viewer numerous tips on how to get the dog to mount you and what to do if the dog gets too excited. The only bad thing I saw was that the dog didn’t mount her for long which some dogs do and she didn’t show any up-close views of the dog inside her or any other position that you can do with the dog. She does talk about some of the position but visuals are always better.

    1qweqwe, posted

    Starts off lovingly jerking behind the knot, while explaining the dynamics of doggy masturbation. Around 1:40, she starts to lick him with a big smile on her face, very nice - looks like she really enjoys it. Surprise a bit after 4 min, when the dog tries to nibble on his own equipment...poor thing LOL. Some sweet cunt lapping, with oral descriptions and coaxing, a little bit of penetration at 16min, then a discussion of the knot and how to handle it. Fans of the hardcore stuff can get their fix at 26:50 with some assisted humping, and again at the 30 minute mark when he finds his mark on his own. Video continues with some dildogging on her male partner, and a few more tries. Overall, a nice warm scene with a lot of instructional reference.

    mrweeaboo, posted

    Nice film I give it 4 out of 5 paws. This is a classic example of mistress beast at her best. She loves working with the dog she has here, it is more a how to film than all out sex fest, she give some pointers on what to do to have a dog mount you, shows how to do the doggy dildo, then takes peanut butter and puts some on her ass to let the dog lick it off, this excites the dog and I'm sure her too and it goes from there, with a few missed mounts but has a few nice close ups of the full mount. She also takes her slave (husband?) and gives it to him, there is also some sucking and playing. ENJOY

    bigblackdx, posted
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