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    Creamy Fuck


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    If you’ve ever wanted to see a smaller breed dog get his— this is it! The little pooch is surprisingly well endowed. She yanks on him and gets the sheets all wet. Before the big creamy fuck takes place, her hand jacks him, and her lips suck him, and her pussy takes him!Soon her legs are spread, and the cream is introduced. She dresses up her nipples and clitoris with the creamy topping. The big creamy fuck begins. He licks her body right up, and decides to take her whole. Her body gets a well-deserved sex session that leaves them both creamed, and ready for more!

    Uploaded by caledonian · Rating: 3.8 (80 votes) · 13242 views


    this is very erotic video! I love it!

    Prasak, posted

    Where it is possible to download?

    annavas11, posted

    Где можно скачать?

    annavas11, posted

    Oh this is so sexy, I have often wondered about ladies and their small dogs, now I am sure they enjoy them probably more than what we often see is ladies with larger breeds of dog. Lets face it a smaller dog is not strange for a woman to have, to be attached to and obviously adore, in every way. Particularily if they are as well endowed as this little fella. His lady friend or is it mistress cannot get enough of that cock, and boy does she know what the little fella enjoyes. Fab video wish there were more with smaller breeds, maybe grandmas even fashion models, or parading before they join each other sexually.

    K9Delite, posted

    This was the most outstanding and erotic movie of this whole web site. Please add more from this starlet.

    adventurer08540, posted

    this is fucking nice!!!!!!!!!

    Prasak, posted

    Disappointing, there was no "real" action just her enticing the pups....shoulda let the second one fuck her....On his own. LOL

    ChaseBreen1981, posted

    Sucked big time

    sildolan, posted

    love how she holds those pussy lips open for that long tongue, wish I could help. woof

    HOTBBWBABE, posted
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