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    Doggy 3 Some


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    Are you ready for the eroticism of a doggy threesome? Are you hungry for the sights and sounds of animal passion? Are you yearning for an uninhibited taboo sex act? You get all this and more with the Doggy 3some video.Imagine not a one, not a two, but a three party sexual escapade, where a dog, a man, and a woman complete each other. In this animal orgy, the woman gets a double dose of male. One by one, she pleasures them both, either with her hands, mouth, or pussy. If you're searching for a threesome, this is the movie to get.

    Uploaded by caledonian · Rating: 3.3 (21 votes) · 6221 views


    pathetic wtf is this doing on this site for?

    miken412, posted

    she needs a bigger dog with initiative...

    notmuch, posted

    vids like this depreciate this site. this vid was 90% normal porn, and the dog didn't want any part of it, you can tell

    tyrantDog, posted

    somehow someway i woulda madeit work wish the guy would have suckd the dog off and the other gurl too.... but i liked i got me off made me wet wishing i was there mssxymexslt at yahoo in so cal looking for pet lovers with pets to share in so cali

    mssxymexslt, posted

    good but she needs a bigger dog.

    doug1970, posted
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