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    Shawn Loves Dick


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    Uploaded by caledonian · Rating: 4.1 (36 votes) · 5500 views


    i love the slow pull outs - so dam hot

    pussysoak2012, posted


    SiberianSoftie, posted

    hi there nice one a that u uploaded that kind of vidoes well i have german pit bull k9 and im into snake also . i love fucking thm a lot and they are a good sucker. and all i want is their knot.. very yummy.. and sorry i cant upload my vidoes here anyway coz its for private purposes for my own security if u want u can get it just add me in my yahoo messenger leahhotdizon @ yahoo .com and for hotmail leahhotdizon @ hotmail .com

    maria123, posted

    very hot fuck and tie great movie

    buckshot3, posted

    great fuck and tie

    tarrajane123, posted

    wish i could meet shawn and her dogs

    budgieboy, posted

    mmmm luv how this hung dog took her right off the bat n tied her...good slut who then sucked off her man... as the dog was tied to her for 7 min.. mmmmmmmmmmm my desire is growing to do this... anyone wanta help me..;-}

    luvs2sqrt4u, posted

    Hot Shawn is amazing. I found it incredible how her dog took quickly to what was going on. This must be a frequent occurance. And that bunny outfit so cute fitting too! Then Shawn enjoyed herself bit much i think. Would have been great to see her creampie! Seeing her suck that dog off was topper on this lil movie really she is one gal who is all about the fun! Would definately love to see more lighting was very good not much more needed other than maybe some on the camera and really good sound. Next time would love to here her before and during audio more.

    iceman216900, posted

    Of all of the female human/male dog knot videos I have seen, this must rank in the top 10 as far as visual quality, length, and just sheer eroticness. For a bigger girl, I must admit she is rather hot, and her nethers are absolutely beautiful. The starring canine is a handsome boy, who was gifted with a very large and extremely well formed cock. Not only does he have the tools, but his knowhow and vigor make this one extremely hot video. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a high quality knotting video. This member gets my attention, my time, and a great big thumbs up.

    Phredrick, posted

    These two make the best dog movies. Their awsome!The picture is always so clear and I love it when there are two girls and sometimes the guy joins in to. Shawn obviously loves her work and the dogs seem to enjoy their work to. Every time the dogs get it not like some movies where you watch the dog jup on and off for an hour. Shwn is dressed like abunny and she is so cute I wish I had her at home. Ilike the way he directs the shoots because he has the camera and ther shots are all good. The dogs are the perfect actors and the seem to love what they are doing.

    appguy2004, posted
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