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    Dog And Fisting Pleasure


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    Uploaded by caledonian · Rating: 4.0 (73 votes) · 16758 views


    You the best love you

    bobant61, posted

    Yes,in the future you should clean yourself out TOTALLY....Makes for better video.

    wadeey, posted

    sexy big asshole lov her

    beastsexbill, posted

    who can tell me what happened to Shawn?

    tater1, posted

    in all honesty her face was jacked and the green scat on that poor dogs cock kinda grossed me out but before the pull out the video made me really hot:)

    Girl4doginSFL, posted

    This whore is my hero! I SOOOOO want to do what she has done. Such a hot vid. THANK YOU!

    belladodoggy, posted

    Shawn and here buddy are the best. They know what doglovers want to watch. Especially there talks make you feel part of the fucking!

    tobias1953, posted

    I wish I could find a pig like that, WOW

    stjohnbiguy, posted

    lol, on the horse tarrajane. Nothing like throwing a hot dog down the hallway. Nice camera work though

    auggie_dog, posted

    i think she is ready for a horse

    tarrajane123, posted

    Fuck she was was some whore .. awesome vid fisting and dog cock . Love the tie in her arse and cum ozzing out .. Hot ..

    lazarusheights, posted

    wow what a women i would love to get stuck into her pussy while the dogs in her arse hole then lick all the k9 spunk out of her arse just love the ripped stockings MMMMM

    capriman, posted

    woo nice fisting and sweet hot cum of dog inside

    charru69, posted

    ouch...fisting is not for me ...luv the tie in her ass... n cummmm ouzzing out...

    luvs2sqrt4u, posted

    Very hot, the guy fist her pussy first as they describe how to go about it. then the dog mounts her several times before she gets his knot up her ass. then with the dogs knot up her ass the man slides his fist in her pussy again. and when he removes his hand and the dog's knot comes out you can see his cum squirt out of her ass. this was very very hot. I loved it the knot in her ass and the cum shooting out of it afterwards. loved the fisting too. would give 10 out of 5 stars...lol

    perverted14u73, posted

    What made this movie particularly enjoyable was all the narration from Pat, the man, and the woman. It started out with an excellent fisting scene, explained during the act, by the man and the woman. After a very good clear, deep streatching fisting we get the dog. The wonams ass is loosened up, then the dog mounts her in the ass. The knot grows in her ass, and they are tied. The man then lubes up his hand again, and insets it into the womans pussy. the whole time narrating the location, and feeling of the dog cock burried in her ass. The man describes the dog cock pulsating inside of the woman, and how deep he is penetrated. Then finally the dog cock pull out, followed by the load of dog cum. We are treated to another excellent full fist scene at the end. Very well done movie. Nice tits on the woman and fantastic ass as well as pussy.

    omegaman14, posted

    This is a quite amazing movie!!! I've seen movies starring Shawni before ( all of which are great )but this is the best ones I've seen ever, Starting being fisted in her pussy,by a huge male hand, then taking Scoobie in her arse and kntting with him!!! Then Scoobie's knot in her arse and a fist up her pussy at the same time!!! Absolutely AMAZING!!! The camera close ups are superb as usual and i rate it as one of the best beastialiy films I've ever seen. This is certainly a movie well worth watchting and may I sa that Shawni has done it again for me!!! LOL

    klik53, posted

    Nice video, the couple has been into trained dog sex for a while. The dog well trained to commands waits his turn as the husband fists his wife pussy to start her pleasure. Nice fisting action , nothing wild or crasy, just sensual in and out twisting action. Dobbie the dog cant wait to get into her smokin ass ! He knows his place and after the second try nests between her buns with knot in place in the hot asshole. The dog is relaxed and not in a hurry to complete the fuck session. He stays put and drops a nice load of his seed inside her. Good visual all the time, and sound for her let you know he has found his mark. Great finger testing of her pussy to feel his knot locked and loading her pussy .

    jagger06, posted

    this was the greatest video clip i have ever seen anywhere .please try to add these kids to your shows on a regular basis .the attitude displayed by this couple during this exhibition was truly comforting as this type of activity is kind of taboo around these parts.the only thing i can say is awesome,loved it,and can hardly wait to see more . thank you,thank you, thank you .the eagerness of the dog was something to admire .his size was perfect both body and member. the girl was beautiful in every way.i wish i could some day meet her and congratulate her on her wonderful talents. her husband seems to be a great sport about this matter and i would like to also congratulate him for his fantastic open mindedness and equally skilled talents (as that of a surgeon) he he . keep up the good work .

    amjr21, posted
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