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    Shawn Fucks Man And Dog


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    Uploaded by caledonian · Rating: 4.0 (37 votes) · 7585 views


    shawn is the fucking best animal babe!

    Prasak, posted


    a_lodie, posted

    hello the dog doesnt even wanna fuck her.. i mean i am a curvy girl but i can tell u this i am not an ugly bitch.

    chrmdcrvy1, posted

    Need anything realy be said about the woman

    vzchick, posted

    this fat bitch is disgusting...she's lucky to get even a dog to fuck her.

    dustman5000, posted

    this chick is one of the biggset whores on the net. Good on you Shawn

    vanman61, posted

    it wasn't all that bad, yes the woman is not pleasing on the eye, but hey it is what it is, she has done many movies so maybe the dog is alittle tired of the same thing night after night we all have that happen from time to time but I love the fact that she speaks english, I don't care what they look like aslong as I can understand what is being said, and last but not least they could have edited it down a few minutes we all don't need to the all the misses maybe a few but what we realy want is the action hard core action, I'm I right or am I right

    faneuil, posted

    "Shawn Fucks Man And Dog" has both good and bad qualities. Although it is very interesting to see someone give head while getting it from the dog, Shawn at times looks like she is on drugs. I do not find her one bit attractive. Looks are personal preference though, and should be determined by each viewer individually. On a positive note, Shawn is seemed very enthusiastic and happy to have a man and a dog double team her. She obviously has interpreted bestiality into her lifestyle full time. For instance, at the 23:23 mark she gives a ear-to-ear smile that shows just how dirty she is after the dog knots her. She seemed very pleased when the guy came in and was obviously anticipating both his cock and the knot. She makes it apparent that she is not one bit ashamed of herself or her lifestyle as her constant smiling shows. The inclusion of a second dog cranks the slut factor up to eleven and gives this video all the required elements of a great hardcore porn video: bestiality, gang bang, blowjob, sluttyness. Though sometimes the action in each sexual act can be lacking, the sheer number of acts more than makes up for it. This is a must see video for bestiality and hardcore enthusiasts out there.

    bigbrowneye, posted
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