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    Aurora Bliss Lesbian Dog Play


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    Uploaded by caledonian · Rating: 4.2 (62 votes) · 7503 views


    the dog had an orgasm in 9:28 so cuute ^^

    toby14, posted


    Prasak, posted


    tretybcv, posted

    Wow this bicth is one of the hotist out their who isnt shy I would like to see more of her.

    ANTONIOVAZ, posted

    wow, this is sooooo hot! aurora makes me wet lol.

    nieceygirl82, posted

    she is hot! lovely!

    Prasak, posted

    i'd love to fuck that wet dog pussy

    scoobydooby68, posted

    pretty amazing

    jaaack, posted

    Amazing! Watching her finger the dog's pussy is quite sexy! I wish she would finger the dog longer. It looked like the dog was getting into it.

    Luv2watch123, posted

    damn that was probly one of the sexiest movies ive ever watched!!!! i wud love to see more like this!

    Gunnagetya, posted

    Need more of these videos on the site

    0011, posted

    Well, THAT was incredibly sexy.....wish those two girls lived at MY house!!

    dogsoldier69, posted

    very nice, awesome!!!!!!!!!

    terry_29526, posted

    There is sumthin intoxicating about watching a woman eat doggie pussy. I'm glad to see there is more of this becoming available. Its very sexy.

    guitarman, posted

    Aurora Bliss is a sexy young blond woman with a shaved pussy and a lovely chocolate lab bitch. The clip begins with Aurora spreading her legs and masturbating. She licks her fingers, wetting her slit and tasting her own juices. She also gets a quick lick from her dog, but the majority of the clip focuses on Aurora playing with her girl's pink pussy. Her dog is very relaxed as Aurora lays her on her back and goes to work on her. You get a good view of Aurora licking and fingering her dog's spread pussy, but it would be nice if there were more close-ups. Even so, Aurora enjoys playing with her dog. You know the lab enjoys it too when her legs and hips hump against Aurora's persistent tongue and probing fingers. A yummy clip of girl and dog play.

    NaughtyJane, posted

    great video where aurora shows us how she can be sexual and sensuality with our k9 counter parts. using her unique foreplay she makes you shiver with sexual pleasure and excitement. the way aurora shoves her tongue deep into that dogs pussy with tenderness and love for her partner. with her dogs loves juices flowing from her sweet cunt, she gives her partner pleasure that shows by the pumping of her hips and the wine in her voice. to conclude aurora shows us how to truly connect with out animal counterparts in a deep and sensual way that keeps your blood flowing and your heart pumping with a nice lusty satisfaction.

    hammergunner, posted

    This is one of the website’s best videos. She is really good looking and the dog stays in one place ready take her tongue to the next level. The girl in the video needs to remove her mask, but other than that a great video clip. She spreads the dog open, while licking and fingering the dog perfect. She even spits on the dog’s snatch to lube it up and go in for more. You can easily tell the dog is getting into it and ends up having an orgasm; the dog shakes hard at the very end. Purely fantastic.

    mostbigger, posted
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