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    Tori Loves Dogs


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    Uploaded by caledonian · Rating: 4.0 (106 votes) · 22685 views


    could have been a great movie, but not much too see because of the bad lighting and rubbish camera work, very sad

    speedyl68, posted

    luv the way you lokk and what you do your hot , would love to see much more of you in action thanks , luvitlots

    luvitlots, posted

    Tori is fine looking hell i would love to fuck that shaved pussy doggie style just to show the dog where it goes and what to leave in it when pulling out

    castingrod, posted

    Wow brilliant hope to see a lot more

    bigells79, posted

    That was absolutely fantastic seeing her filled up it was great,hope to see a lot more in the future,thanks.Good going lady!

    jepcsp50, posted

    it would be lovely to watch but unfortunately i can hear it but cant see thyis or most of the so called movies. norman67 is not pleased with the service

    norman67, posted

    wow, i love this bitch.... sexy and hot!

    Prasak, posted

    excelent movie,mi liked

    pelanariz, posted

    I'd make a lousy camera man, because if I were in his place I wouldn't of been able to resist that lovely woman in that position, maybe then the dog would of got what to do a little quicker

    auggie_dog, posted


    cuntslave, posted

    She was pretty,loved the cum pourng from her pussy, I want to enjoy that in my cunt too

    LoveCouple2, posted


    johnsmith8, posted

    thanks very much

    nghiaTTP, posted

    Poor dog's exhaunsted..

    Anonymous82, posted

    Love the multi-angle pOVs!!! She had a great fuck body and good closeup of the knot. She just took it alil too quietly for my satisfaction. Excellent post though, Thank you.

    Irishbull, posted

    thtss so nıceee pussyyyy cuteeee

    torik72, posted

    Very very nice penetration shots. Good ass wagging on the part of the female model. Very nice cum shot. Cum dripping out of her pussy. Wish she could have gotten a better cock lick in before the dogs coch went back into it's sheath. Over all beautiful woman, nice doggy action. Various camera angles were well done. Maybe a shot from a distance onece or twice, so that we can see the image of human female, dominated by a male animal. Shows good deep penetration. Would be nice to hear some approval from the female as well. Good job overall though.

    omegaman14, posted

    The video starts with Tori teasing her German Shepherd then she offers him her muff. Dispite several tries she can only initially get him to lick her, but when he finally gets the hint he tries to mount her, much as she tries to help matters along but he still misses his mark. Eventually one of her friends helps to get the dog in to her and gets her close to a knott but still gets a shot off in her. She continues to try but the dog acts disinterested, so she then tries to give him head but he doesn't seem to want her down there, she does eventually get him in her mouth but only for a short time, the rest of the time she spends trying to get him at her pussy again but only with limited success

    david766, posted
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