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    Pregnant Dog Lover


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    Some things in this one not normally seen. She is pleasant to look at, about five months pregnant and quite tall. Dog does a lot of licking her all over with the baby oil providing the incentive. She takes the dog in a number of positions. This dog is so long legged she holds his cock behind the knott and crawls sideways under him for the insert. Only thing is, the dog did not know to hump so she had to do the work. While the dog shoots a lot we see none of it come out of her.

    Uploaded by caledonian · Rating: 3.9 (60 votes) · 11282 views


    this is "Gabi" isnt it? she is so fucking goood!

    Prasak, posted

    wipe-out you obviously dont understand enjoyment/addiction

    surprisedogsex, posted

    Honestly.... Oak I am so sad that these things taking place , three days now tha I know it and I am like I am dying from my heart that knowing you lady get fuxked by adog while you had the most wonderfull thing inside you... I am a man and honestly what are you going to say to ur son/daughter? Oh my dwallear while you were inside of me a dog flmade you bath with his spermmm?????? FUCK you bitchhhh dieeeee bitchhh sick fucking person soooooo I'll honestlyyyy how could U do thattttttttttttttt damnnnnnnn you are sickkkkkkk I need to stop watching stupid things just to make fun of active stupid... And I will now , I hope you die with all my heart by taking a virus of that dog inside you and honestly my curses do take actions since now..... I was watching things to laugh but such as this? Touched my heart... You have ruined ur Childs life without knowing.... Learn that all virus came from sick persons like you that was fucking apes , dogs pigs and etc.... AIDS and aids its the less that I want U to have.... U can't imagine how much cancer U have hidden ready to explode inside U... I am doctor on practise yet... But I know what I am saying... Maybe never come but I do wish to comrle to U... If U were my wife? I would cut of ur head but first I would kill the dog put it ur mouth as lunch , readers that don't agree with my words... Just think how and what would you do if one day see ur mother on that action while U were inside her? Or tell you my baby the dog made ur first bath with his sperm aren't U happy? And ur dad the poor fellow happy has hasld his wife loving him..... That's all... Shame on you all who agree with that bitch... And knowww that doing all these you do are making you animals... You are not humen......one more thing my dick is 21 cm if I put it inside ur pussy U will run I am searching for girlfriends and guess what I can't find always... And the dogs are fucking U more than me and any other man... Is just crazyyyyyyyyyyy byeeee bitch

    wipe-out, posted

    omg!!! i swear to god that woman would be dead!!! carrying a baby and getting fucked by a dog?????? i wish all of you get cancer and die sick persons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wish that!!!!!!!! omg.....

    wipe-out, posted

    Very nice but would love to see her eat that cum shot!!

    pdboy, posted

    Very erotic as she is obviously well practiced and enjoying her well trained although very lazy dog, who really is so spoilt his mistress controls all the love making. Her nipples are very hard and erect, his cock is very large and thick, her pregant tummy is very obvious and they enjoy many positions. Well worth the watching, although the sound track is obviously dubbed her grunting and sighing doesn't coincide with her facial features when you see her face. You can soon forget that though.

    K9Delite, posted

    Ineedtooseepicture thismoviegood

    georgia34, posted

    Beautiful, beautiful blow job at ending. Nice deepthroat. Very nice.

    sucez, posted

    very good

    bigk9dick, posted
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