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    Humiliating The Slave


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    Uploaded by caledonian · Rating: 4.0 (81 votes) · 15864 views


    Hot stuff! I like that slave! - Very sexy

    Tiehr, posted

    the second dig did a god job

    Magichands8, posted

    queria ver tb deve ser bim

    gbtpoars, posted

    que delicia, me esporrei todo vendo esse filme

    anselmo1957, posted

    gawd im jealous. i would love to be that slave right now

    buckblackhoof, posted

    i feel sorry for "the slave"...mostly because of the part where she has to lick her "master" a.k.a. fatass gross whore shawn's asshole...yuck.

    dustman5000, posted

    wish i was the slave

    jimevjr, posted

    The two thing that needs work is.. That the camera operator needs to stop shaking the camera so much. The other is as Dom myself,I fell that the Mistress should of made her slave do more of the work. IE stroking the dog herself, yes it is all about dominating her slave, but to give orders and not as much action herself. As for the dogs first one the Shepard/husky mix,train him more less coercing more "humiliating". I fell that if there was more attention to the job at hand and less "work" to get the dog to do the dead. There would be more humiliating. The second dog theres not much to say but Bravo. Nice work straight to the point. As for the humiliation Ive noticed that your slave at times enjoyed it more then felt humiliated. All in all i enjoined the show. The slave A GOOD SLAVE would stay in one spot not looking around not rocking moving her hands. The whole dominating part is what i say i what you do. THE RATING ********out of **********

    anel101, posted

    In the Video is a nice blond Slave forced by her mistress to let two dogs fuck her and after that to lick them. There are very nice camera moves and we see what we like to see. I like the humiliation very much when the slave must like her ugly fat Mistress. The sound is great and the scene is a very good one. I like the big dog more and how it’s hurt her to take the big knot from him. Very nice how she is forced to lick it after the fuck and you see the big dick drip. It’s a great movie an absolute worth to see.

    Sternenlicht, posted
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