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    Short Hard Fuck


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    Uploaded by caledonian · Rating: 4.3 (1528 votes) · 167136 views


    I love this girl. She's gorgeous and she loves dog cock. Amazing video !

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    If you're a woman from wolverhampton,uk. and like dog fucking with you, welcome. I'm a male and have a, husky boy.

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    dog cryn lol

    lh88, posted

    Omg! He dicked her ass out good boy lol!

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    Loved it! Nailed twice and knotted in the ass. Very hot!

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    Wishing this was me getting those nice big dog cocks

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    Quelle chance!

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    gloomgirl, you in NC or close... maybe you CAN be next... lol... Stickyfingers !

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    hot... if she would shut up... Me next!

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    Hmmm 20year old from Lakeland...would you tie me up,lick my pussy until its dripping with juice, and drag a big horny dog over, rub my wet pussy in that big dog's face until it licked my pussy until it shone wiht cum....I'm saying 'No, please..." because it's so humiliating, but you laugh and keep on going....meanwhile you put your finger up my arse, and the tongue is lapping back and forth and because my pussy is dripping so much, the great hound starts putting it's tonge right up my pussy, so despite myself I start to moan....then you turn me over and spread my arse out wide....is this any thing like you had in mind???

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    "once they pop I just can't stop" im literaly crying laughing right now

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    Would love to suck all that hot jizz out of her then suck the dogs cocked. Mmmmmm

    sonnymarie, posted

    seen several of shawn's vids & she's always taking a dog cock awesomely!

    AnimalLover2030, posted

    Who wouldn't love this...I mean really. It has it all....her enthusiam and passion, her raspy smutty talk, a verrrry nice, knotty doggie cock....all purple and slick with cum and a mini gang-bang! Would love to have seen the second dog's cock as he pulls out and all that cum gushing from her well fucked holes. Oh yum.

    yorktown, posted

    Awesome fuck...made my dick hard

    brinoles, posted

    the first half with it being in her ass i was like *sarcasm* greeeaaaaat an anal vid -_- then the 2nd dog comes in and i'm like shiiiiiiit *cum blast*

    shadowmarka, posted

    God that made my cock rock hard fuckin loved it

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    great mount loved it

    rockhardintx, posted

    Sweet! The boys had some fun! Momma loved it!

    harleypoor, posted

    there is nothing about this that is"short hard fuck!" Learn to title correctly!

    tycloud, posted

    Shawn is such a natural dogslut, gotta love her. I hope Dino doesn`t step on her tits though! ouch....

    jayko, posted

    Id marry her in a splt second and share her nightly

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    Luv the dirty talk, the quick pounding of the 2nd dog, oh yeah, enough to make me cum

    ajowi, posted

    Good girl, really vocal !! great vid overall ^^

    Dastardly-Dawg, posted

    that big dog is so fucking hot (A)

    gayboy88, posted

    AWESOME!!!!I wish she was my woman,, she is willing to be filmed and she is SOOO into it!!! She really loves it. the audio is GREAT!!!man I wish I could slide my cock in her for a while and cum deep in her!!! Please make some more vids!!!

    Realguy40, posted

    What a lovely boy he is, how I wish he was mine.

    robroy, posted

    This babe sure knows how to make guy beat his meat. The audio is the best I've heard in any dog fuck video. The good thing is she enjoyed it and not a wimp.Would have been great to be there and maybe feed her some man cum in the mouth.

    ynnel, posted

    she has got me horny and i think i know what she would want me to do so ill take her lead

    darkthorne, posted

    Great video

    cirith, posted

    A plump mature mother? I saw a mature mother. Not slender, but certainly not plump. The brown dog has experience in fucking the lady. He knew, what to do. And obviously he's been taught to stay on top of her after he'd cummed. animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted

    concur..The camera man must have taken a break to jerk it at this point, because he never gets in and films the action. The rest of the mini feature is a long view with much enthusiasm but not the best view. If however, you like the “keyhole” image of a plump mature mother type on her hands and knees with large natural tits swinging to the rhythm of a pounding dock cock...then you will pop when you see this.

    HoneyMaster, posted

    Awsome ass fuck first then this big guy comes and mounts that perfect pussy immediately then he stays knotted filling her sweet cunny with his seed,very nice!

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    I want to suck the cum from your ass. you made this bitch cum 3 times.

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    Good Boy ;)

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    Kiwabonga, where can I send this woman all my credit cards. Her ass was knotted to the fur and there she is moaning about how much she likes it. Then she takes a second monsterous mount just as she says she can't stop. The video angles were great, the sound outstanding, lighting that was clear and even. I am in LOVE! Where can I find a woman like this. Please, please post more of this kind of action.

    watchindirty, posted

    So hot!! with the first dog I loved how she flexed her ass around his cock.. you can see his balls twitch as he squirts his seed into her.. the second dog was a true champ, he hit his mark perfectly, an loved her pussy with passion, can clearly see that she got knotted an tied... made me so horny that my pussy is now dripping wet.. kinda wished that we could have seen him pumping his seed deep inside her. but none the less, still a good vid, one that i will watch again an again.. =)

    FlickLickMyClit, posted

    I love how his knot is buried in her ass and how you can see that load dripping out. Wish it was me!

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    mmm I would like two dogs to service my pussy back to back

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    now that what i call nice, sweetie try it with six big boys, doggie with large dicks yeah baby

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    Lucky lady has 2 back to back first one in the ass and second dog services her pussy, which I was that lady

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    please I want to see woman getting fucked by dogs.. message me if you are a pinay :) ako ang taga-video pra sayo or kung gusto mo watch me fuck a bitch dog or tayo mismo :D

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    That is a great clip!! She really loves it and surrenders as a bitch to her stud dogs! You see her work her hot sexy ass for their pleasure and to get them all the way inside her. She loves it and she is REAL. What a great woman and a great clip!!

    Realguy40, posted

    mog ive never taken the knot in my arse

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    anyone in the ottawa ontario region of canada need someone to hold a camera for them? if so message me.

    infuse90, posted

    what a awesome sex fucking K9.the women surely likes there fucking cock and two of the dogs in her ass.

    samsonsam123, posted

    This movie is very poor,you can hardly see what is taking place.

    1067752, posted

    I like the way she was talking dirty and what she liked! Made me hard.

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    just GREAT

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    was very hot,she took dog cock in ass and pussy,great video.i have horses,anyone interested?

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    That was hot that was some real beastlove!This woman loves her pets and they sure do give her love in return.

    breeder09, posted

    She's a little big for my liking ,but the dog doesn't mind good action clear picture and sound here is some one who knows film great centering of the picture all in all not bad worth watching thanks

    mcnesby, posted

    This video was extremely hot. I am new to this stuff, yet I am addictied. I loved watching this women totally enjoying herself. She slowly took complete pleasure in having that huge cock sticking deep in her ass. She talked about how much she enjoyed how it felt deep and how the cum felt dripping deep within her ass. I almost came just listening to how excited she was throughout the experience. You could tell that she is experienced at fucking dogs. It is a regular occurance for her. I stroked my cock when the large dog came in and proceeded to mount her hot body. Not sure what hole he was in, but she was enjoying it. He fucked her into submission. She discribe how much she loved big dog cock and how it made her feel. The quick pumping of the K9 was to much for me to handle and I came all in my shorts. Watching her on the floor and helpless for the doggie dick, it was hot and I could watch it again and again. I hope others enjoyed it as much as I did and I can't wait for her next video.

    belldar, posted

    this is fantastic amazing,she can take two dogs,is my first time to see woman taking two dogs,

    samsonsam123, posted

    Damn Peter, what's got you so bitter?

    shinypidgey, posted

    I guess my standards are way too high when I read other comments on how this lady looks hot. This video does absolutely nothing for me and that flabby old lady is a definite turnoff. Give me a little teeny sucking on a huge spurting dog dick and I'm good.

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    1 of the best,she's enjoying her k9 lovers in both holes,made me wet,keep them cummingggg

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    ClikkiClik, posted

    this is a very sensual video....loved the lady's comments...seems she was really into it.....

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    den hund will ich auch mal

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    Same boring,OLD vids,that are on EVERY animal sex site!!!

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    man, that looks like a BIG SEXY FURRY stud!wish he was fuckin me!

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    worth watching

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    alabama anyone

    alabamaman1, posted

    ey say the front of the show brings in the dough .... and this certainly applies here. Captivated from the opening shot when the lab was up to his nuts in guts - literally - a full tight anal knotting, from which he pulls out .... has a little break and sets to, to give her another dicking, this time in the twat. The action second time round is a bit lacklustre ( and lacking credibility) because the pace and rhythm just never quite get there. The framing of the shot is good, and the nice pendulous tits get a bit of a swing going but it just doesn't quite get there. Still a great clip and probably worthy of an 8 out of 10

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    love it fantastic movie

    wilde9999, posted

    good vid i like it when the camrea man stays back so that you can really see the puppy pounding his bitches and the girl admitting that she loves it is a real turn on also

    200104, posted

    Sweet! The pups made good use of mommas two holes!Well done!

    harleypoor, posted

    Oh that was hot,this lovely woman truely enjoys dog cock.Especially the knot and she makes no secret of it.Very nice sure had my 9" drippin its precum!

    breeder09, posted

    Super film; trop excitant, super bien filmé, j'adore! Ca doit être trop bon de se faire sauter comme ça...

    Andreo65, posted

    I came twice - once for each dog!

    cathydark, posted

    just good to see what is natural for us who are into K9 . I am a bitch to my dog and have been in the lifestyle for many years. still excellent to watch. had me very wet

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    verry good clip wood love to help out lol grate turn on

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    I wish that were me getting fucked hard by a few dogs. I wanna try!!

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    Great clip. Sure wish I could find a lady so uninhibited. Would love to help her fuck a dog. Although, she certainly doesn't seem to need any help. Again, GREAT CLIP!

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    She is SO horny, seems like she really wants to get fucked twice by 2 dogs in 2 minutes. Love how she talks & moans. Woiuld love to sloppy second that ass.

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    OMG she sounded so good. Love her talking to her k9 and loving the feeling. I got off so good on this one. Very hot.

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    she should shut up a little more. And where was the camera holder when that second dog was supposedly nailing her. Good video quality. Anal knotting was a +. gotta give it a 'nothing special.'

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    wouludoit, posted
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