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    Another Day With Shylark


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    Uploaded by caledonian · Rating: 3.7 (73 votes) · 9320 views


    I wonder: where is she now?? A new dog??

    oldman60, posted

    she is hot but her videos are a total waste of time. she plays and teases and not much else.

    renegadewa11, posted

    Hi a great video & i agree with the last two commentes ok .

    youngrobbie0, posted

    What a great video,I got off in the first 14 min.She is great and the dog really loves her pussy....WoW! More Please!

    jepcsp50, posted

    She really enjoys being sensual and seductive...gorgeous body. Too bad she wouldn't just let her dog knot with her.

    knotty1973, posted

    great music

    zndxxx, posted

    you could probably edit 90%of that.

    Flip90, posted

    quite boring vid, but she have a nice body

    Hammurab, posted

    dark ness and cool just wasing 52 m

    muqqaddam, posted

    that was funny

    indie, posted

    she can't dance...she can't act...and even the dog won't do her

    rvhot, posted

    poor dog she's only playing with him never let him fuck her.

    yefimia, posted


    sky78653, posted

    This was a great video I have seen other Shylark videos and this one doesn't have the same close ups of the others, but it has the same playful teasing that makes her videos such a treat to watch! I really liked the custom clothes she had the easy access jeans were a real sexy plus for me. The black teddy was another lovely touch and the way she never took her hot black thongs off until the end was way too sexy. It is great videos by people who truly love and make love to there pets is what makes Shylarks videos some of the best there are out today!

    demoninside86, posted

    Another day with Shylark, is a real glimpse into a real Pet lovers home. Intimate, fun and very arousing. This pet lover obviously has a very close relationship with her dog, which is maybe not so virile as he may have once been but obviously still very much likes to get it up his owner. The film follows what appears to be a full day of fucking her dog on and of, while dancing and playing around. although not fully visible at all during the movie, she is in my opinion pretty hot, with good tits and a great arse, comedy antics by the cat and having Shylark chase his tail add a touch of humour during the quieter moments of the film. A few close up shots would have been more than welcome, i would have loved to see that tight gash being pummeled ( especially in the sexy corset get up) but would have probably taken away from the truth and intimacy! all in all a great little vid that's definately worth a look.

    sepia123, posted
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