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    Fun In The Barn


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    This pretty young woman is completely turned on by stroking this horse’s giant cock, and works herself into a near-frenzy while performing oral sex on him. She uses his huge member to continue to please herself until she’s satisfied.She doesn’t "leave him hanging" at all. She returns to performing oral on him, and ends up taking a horse cum bath. The movie is erotic in that the woman is turned on the entire time, and there are a few camera angles that are different than what you’d expect to see.

    Uploaded by caledonian · Rating: 4.0 (95 votes) · 11691 views


    so sexy awesome and his pint of hot cum!!

    CherriesD, posted


    mouse05, posted

    bah.. Horse is like .... " Look, you got me in handcuffs, I cant exactly do much, just get it over with you stupid whore, so I can go back to eating my hay." " bitch."

    Anonymous82, posted

    bah.. Horse is like .... " Look, you got me in handcuffs, I cant exactly do much, just get it over with you stupid whore, so I can go back to eating my hay." " bitch."

    Anonymous82, posted

    Rub a Dub Dub No Sex for the Horse

    dingus, posted

    I will never understand why porn directors think high heels in a barn make any sense at all, unless they are low heels on boots.

    meli, posted

    this slave pulls its nipples spreads it legs and dreams of having a cock such as this in its mouth and cunt.

    slavetok9, posted

    LOL@ his dick shrinking!

    ChaseBreen1981, posted

    fake horse cum as usual

    Jerk_ua, posted

    Girl's hot and sexy but I never understand is... why dont these women ever get right under the horse when shoving his cock into their ass?? Doesnt look like she ever really gets the dick into her.

    Irishbull, posted

    Best part of the movie was the end when the horse came in her mouth. Very Good

    appguy2004, posted

    excitante video la verdad esa chika lo exprimo todo mmmm que rico lo exprimio.

    elfenix, posted

    she always gets into it.........Good Girl! Great video*****

    santi55, posted

    the girl first just want to fett her big horse ,shes peting the horse and plesuring the hors with the brush.the horse geting a hard one and the little girl begins to like the mihgty cock.she rubs it on her wet droping pussi in front anf from behind.she rubs and srokes and finaly the hors shots the whole juicy thick cum in her mouth.she likes it very and sroke the white thick cum to the last drop out of thet big mighty fat horse dick.and she cant stop swallowing cum its allmoust to much for her.but she enyois evry fucking drop of that hors juice.realy horny

    suuck, posted

    A sexy young woman is always a good thing to see. Combined with a horse and plenty of nudity it can only get better. Unlike many other movies shown in our modern world this girl really likes having sex with this horse. She shows it with oral sex on the horse, then pleasures herself with his large veiny penis. If this movie was any hotter it would be on the sun! Great camera angles and close ups on the girl combine to make a great experience. The quality of the camera is also outstanding. Almost any man or woman on this planet who is sane would be intensely aroused by this spectical. They would quite likely even be inclined to join in the merriment.

    thanypoo, posted
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