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    Carmen Craves Horse Cock


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    It’s cold in the stable, but Carmen gets things heated up quickly. She’s hot for horse cock. There’s a lot of oral in this film, and a lot of grinding. It’s so cold that you can see her breath in several shots, but her face is flushed from an inner heat. Both Carmen and her horse lover are enjoying their early morning tryst.After she swallows his cum, he recedes quickly, but Carmen is able to coax him to drop again for a minute, maybe hoping for a second session…..who knows?

    Uploaded by caledonian · Rating: 3.8 (76 votes) · 10166 views


    I love her too!

    Prasak, posted

    Luv Carmen!

    Tiehr, posted

    Its ok... I guess.

    jayko, posted

    skunk... the girl is lovely...

    Prasak, posted

    I've seen movies in which the horse cumshot is "Real" and if you too have seen other movies you would know these have fake cumshots!!

    skunk420, posted

    she is cute! I love her...

    Prasak, posted

    Attractive woman but no 'swallow'; another 'spitter' unfortunately. Still waiting for a flat tummy girl to show up and leave with a tummy swelled up from swallowing massive amounts of horse cum.

    Indicated1, posted

    pls add my skype name to you and lets talk!! i wait you pls be good girl! my skype name flowerd3

    rfcedx, posted

    I just gotta wonder what horse cum tastes like

    likkrman, posted

    Pretty-bodied slut! How I would have loved to watch him work 8-10 inches of that into that pretty body. But she made up for it near the end by handling his cum with style and grace.

    sucez, posted
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