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    My Wife With My Dog


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    Uploaded by colkingsley · Rating: 4.2 (292 votes) · 63090 views


    she great I would love to see more

    stevengt1234, posted

    She`s hot, been one of my faves for years now...very nice.

    jayko, posted

    good sound nice hard fuck!

    k5s9gfft, posted

    I think she knows she has been had by that four legged animal.

    fredpotts, posted

    Short but well worth it

    jose1346, posted

    what breed of dog is he? He goes at her so hard,and her moans are fantastic!

    Fluffy_Panda, posted

    What is this woman's name?

    izzy0, posted

    Awesome. My enjoyment was hightened by the fact that you get a glimpse of her face, and what a beauty she is.

    CHRIS.GAZE, posted

    short but very good. hard pounding and nice sreaming. would be better if there was a close up but still very nice. women has very nice tits, seem to really get into it. would love to see more from this girl.

    cableguy2000, posted

    great movie, I love this

    sylvia_girl18, posted

    i think she should get down on her knees anytime her master feels the need to fuck. Every good bitch knows her place and this hot chick certainly knows it and serves her master well....xo

    slav2luvu, posted

    if it's good for her & her puppy, it's good for me :)

    kitten2, posted

    hot vid, wish i could find a nice english woman into this kind of thing lol

    Pacific, posted

    lovely dog, honest moans fom the pretty girl

    julie_g333, posted

    need help to train my pup johns56ford@yahoo.com bangor maine

    johns56ford, posted

    Great moaning and sounds. But he's hammering her rather seriously. Nice added interest with those lovely titties jiggling and dancing!

    sucez, posted

    she is a great moaner

    sarah69, posted

    Wish my wife was lke that- has only done it once and cant get ehr to get fucked by our dog again although she let it play with her pussy by lickin her until she cums. Pity she wont get on her knees. Maybe a glass of wine or two will help

    petesfolly, posted

    Love it when a woman loves taking it hard and fast.

    moondoggy, posted

    what knot to love , a little short but very hot

    prs00050, posted

    great one!

    iconwin, posted

    great movie i think she likes it

    boxer1941, posted

    lucky wife

    manbearpigss, posted

    cool one

    lisa4k9, posted

    this is one of the better films here. 4 stars!

    zooluvr, posted


    janamani, posted

    Hubby loves seeing our dog fuck me too, and it is fun seeing the dog lick hubby cock

    JessiMom, posted


    hbjst, posted

    more please..very very good

    sonofjj, posted

    wish she was my wife,, she is so hot love to see more

    ron007, posted

    super geil such ich auch

    petfrau, posted

    i want to film you guys hit me, got good ideas

    manero81, posted

    She's such a sweetie!! She makes such lovely moans. I don't know if I'd rather be him or her !

    dogman1234, posted


    fantomatic, posted


    chinna4u, posted

    would love to see her in the whole video... would like to see her tied by the knot

    dahunted, posted

    Where can we see more of her...in a whole movie! would love to see her getting knotted....

    dahunted, posted


    spus, posted

    very good video

    pitbull10, posted


    nblackpeliz, posted

    damn...nice ride,she almost came...luv to see the rest of movie..bet she takes the knot Robin

    sharintoys, posted

    Dam - why isnt my wife like that .. got me hot ...

    lazarusheights, posted

    good wife

    phantomlover007, posted


    dmatt, posted

    Lucky guy, your wife is amazing.

    Voyer619, posted

    great lets see more of her and the dog.well done

    mick111, posted

    MMMm, yes, this girl is getting good!

    jayko, posted

    i love it,big up for the wife

    watcherman, posted

    although very short, this is a real cock-hardener. the girl is tall, great tits (pity she's not nude, but they joggle very nicely!) with a powerful vigourous dog it takes a little while for the real action to start, but as soon as he's in the dog drives in hard and fast the sound of the dog's cock slapping in and out, combined with the visual joy of her breasts, is great her excitement is clear to all, as is her disappointment when the dog climaxes an pulls out as she's ready for more, let's see it!

    yourholeinone, posted
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