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    Girl With Black Dog 2


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    Gril with black dog

    Uploaded by otobo · Rating: 2.6 (725 votes) · 120623 views


    She should be on her hands and knees. Like the bitch she is.

    bitchboy, posted

    this video almost made me squirt ;3

    cchheellssiiaa, posted

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    Tolkatore, posted

    47 male in San Diego. Looking to make some new friends.

    sdheavypapac, posted

    Turn the damned tv off.

    ThisMan, posted

    lovely boobs.....lucky dog

    qhuma4321, posted

    she's hot!!! loved it!!! dirty male from va here.....any ladies close by?

    harderthannorm, posted

    Nice tits, but person with camera was bad.

    junglejohn, posted

    She looked attractive. and her breats were nice the TV noise does distract from the video.

    bluedestiny, posted

    16 yr old, atractive, straight male. kik:codyw239. (strictly straight, men get blocked)

    beastman239, posted

    straight male looking for female dog to fuck near maple grove MN please contact at nohouse345@yahoo.com

    cold12345, posted

    Female, looking for male or female to talk dirty, message me!

    iriebliss, posted

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    BlackBiTop, posted


    tigertankiscool, posted

    horny woman loves animal sex in wisconsin...looking for chat or live fun message me

    NaughtyAngel69, posted

    I don't get this. People wanna record a sextape... but they can't even turn the tv off? This could have been good but the tv noise ruins it.

    SparkleDuck, posted

    nice tits!

    Riverchick, posted

    immer wieder beneidenswert... top

    viancaro, posted

    Perfect tits i must say :) Feel free to look at my profile maybe message me, im bi, so im up for anything ;D

    young_one_65, posted

    could've done without the tv noise in the background

    Wolfiekrum, posted

    beautiful tits!

    Riverchick, posted

    smoking body and very cute tooooooo! wasnt her first rodeo she was working that lil dog cock hard too.. alllllllllllllllllllllllll she needed was me face fucking her;-)

    love2smackitand, posted

    any girls from maryland into this?

    chevy-723, posted

    she has some very nice tits

    bitemebigtime, posted

    my god my dick wants some pussy and so does my dog ;)

    pnksk8er220, posted

    I already commented on a clip like this, asking if I was the only 1 to see, that this dog was still too you to have sex with the girl. I think, she was called a teen in the title. Teen with black dog. And I said, they had the color of the dog right. That the broad was no teen anymore, having been 1 once. Anyhow, it's the same clip with the same pup. She was rubbing her clit and cunt against his sheated cock. But the way she moved her hips, rubbing he clit against his sheated cock was very sexy and arousing. And NO! I was not the only 1 to see the dog was still a pup. But not a lot of people did. animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted

    es un cachorro, con una cachorrilla calientilla

    tsuru311, posted

    not worth watching. camra man & girl not worth watching.---10

    fld40, posted


    dballie, posted

    Lucky dog, easily one of the hottest women I've ever seen on this site

    midnite3, posted

    wondering how deep is he in her and how many times did she cum on his dog dick

    oocumoo, posted

    never seen a green dog, cat, cow, pig, or horse before; what u think.

    andersonmyles12, posted

    poor photogr.

    andersonmyles12, posted

    couldn,t see much.

    t-t-, posted

    •Aluzky• Horrible camera work, illumination and background sound.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    waste of time couldn't see anything, she could of saved the tape by sucking the dog!!!!!!!!

    fredpotts, posted

    i am a young girl and want doggie sex

    ginagirl, posted

    The girl is very young and attractive, and is all legs. The dog is obviously very young, and not yet capable of performing. This is more of a training session, but it carries with it a very notable sexyness which I personally enjoyed. The lighting could have been better, having the sepia toned amature feel to it. I look forward to hopefully seeing some follow up videos if this puppy matures, and this girl doesn't become camera shy. Keep up the good work.

    freabeast, posted

    too bad the camera work is poor

    suzie54, posted

    Waste of time

    moklie, posted

    this move is something sexy girl

    usa26, posted

    yy girl 5! idiot man -1

    neonkafree, posted

    Beautiful girl, thanks. Does anybody know about another video with this girl ?

    neozoo2, posted

    The idea is great, the camerawork not.

    KnoxMt, posted

    5 for beauty girl, 1 for others.

    zenekzzz, posted

    beautiful girl nice seem to enjoy needs bigger dog. from uk ralhper.

    ralhper, posted

    hond is ni erg geil hoor

    kangeroe, posted

    this is from Croatia ! :)

    NenadA, posted

    i know it's not in einglish but.... why the hell is thare pokamon in the back groung LOL!!!!!! w8 is this a incest vid to O_o

    rockeres, posted

    Beautiful woman loveto see her with a bigger dog.

    olderbi, posted

    peggy,can i fuck u with ur dog?

    mortred1, posted

    THIS is the way to FUCK your pet! THEY LUV to KISS once you show them!!!! AND grab their ass pushing their cock in DEEPER!!! YESSSSsssss Peggy

    MsPeg, posted

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    rolrex, posted


    mehoff, posted

    it's kind of funny, because she wants it soooo bad but the dog isn't really cooperating.

    browneyedog, posted

    what an amazing set of beautiful tits,,

    matthew64, posted

    sexy Vid

    laurenuk, posted

    I'd put on a dog suit for a shot at her sweet smoking hot body...... Please get her a bigger dog, bend her over so he can give her a good pounding......

    becauseican, posted

    The girl is gorgeous--the dog is extremely lucky-- I wonder if she does actually get his cock into herself as there are a few nice juicy sounds as though there is something sliding in and and out of her wetness!! Certainly hope they try again and send us the results, perhaps with a dog that more fully appreciates what's being offered. Still pretty nice to watch!

    kaaty, posted


    abl72lok, posted

    very bad video.see nothing.

    yoyo1960, posted

    firstly turn television off... secondly SHOOT the cameraman !!! LOL

    shaymca, posted

    bad real bad

    bigjake123, posted

    camera does suck...can't tell if the dog ever got in her cunt

    kcfucd, posted

    Piss poor camara work and lighting...this really SUCKS!!!

    peaches53, posted

    q porcaria !!!!!!!!!

    legislador1, posted

    Hers dog is impotent.

    Gd25, posted

    this started out well, but then she starts molesting the puppy.. bad taste

    kitten2, posted

    Will someone please tell her the dog is dead!

    cincinnati_bi, posted

    Polacy jak miło ale mogło być ostrzej

    fudi84, posted

    Spanish Pokemon in the background? xD

    silentselkie, posted

    What a waste of my fucking time.

    ou81288, posted

    You GUYS! That LITTLE Black Dog is a REAL puppy! And that NAughTY-Ole, Two-Foot Bitch is teaching him how nice it is to be handled and wet-down by her beautifully tight pussy. Yeah, lighting is bad and this is another proof of "Ya CAN'T JerK-OFF an' HANDLE the CAM at the SAME FUCKING TIME!!"

    abl72lok, posted

    It's sad that the lighting was so poor... The dog seems to be going for a ride... Some more dog action is needed... Come better next time.

    cecillacroix, posted

    that is pokemon in the background o-o

    craigg, posted

    here we have a beautiful babe who seems to want a dog to fuck her...and all we get are piss poor shots of the dog straddling her...if you can't get the dog's dick in her pussy for us to enjoy--don't post it...boring waste of pussy and dog dick

    gfnme, posted

    sad because this is the biggest waste of potential hotness I have seen on this site.

    staceysdog, posted

    kind of blurry, but pretty good

    perezosa007, posted

    love to watch a woman getting it missonary style with a dog. Hope he got some of that 'cause if her pussy is as pretty as her breasts...ummmmm

    dickweed1, posted

    she was hot with i could have seen more

    allanp, posted

    the girl has the most beautiful breasts and the dry humping from the girl was nice

    nvracer, posted

    i agree...

    Dabest804, posted

    wow! I just came hard! Wish I was with her and the dog!

    kristinatk, posted

    Is that pokemon running in the background?oÔ

    darksoulcashx, posted

    needs better lighting

    nhiggy, posted

    I expected to see much more of the dogs cock fucking the woman- for all we know, he was not even inside of her, could not even see him putting his cock inside her pussy - expected much more of this video - would have been nice to see him cum over her pussy if he was in fact fucking her

    ladyluck99, posted

    is that super mario in the background?

    unsignedagent, posted

    Better luck next time since vedio is miserably poor shoot. -Soorya

    soorya, posted

    Missionary's always sexy!!

    Panther, posted

    what a great body...but such a waste with this video..

    hray38, posted

    bad background noise from the tv----that little dog could not of done that hottie justice

    silverado53, posted

    beautiful tender model.

    digitallover, posted

    The comments made before says it all

    edlucas, posted

    I agree with Jasminemoniik09 - I couldn't tell if the dog was dead or not.

    ellana, posted

    Need new cameraman...and some real action!

    boodiddly, posted

    such a pretty girl and such a bad cam man

    andi1232, posted

    is the dog dead?

    jasminemoniik09, posted

    to dark... the first 10 sec was good... cam was moving to much... over all not worth it

    cacaboy, posted

    damn...watched the first ten seconds twelve times just to see those lucious titties....ummmmm

    dickweed1, posted

    too much movement from cameraman - otherwise it good

    yacanivarani.09, posted

    hold the camera still...not bad!..

    dogsperm09, posted

    Lousy photographt, dull and boring, a real waste of time

    sildolan, posted

    que doloroso

    aj200251, posted

    Like watching her hump a pillow

    horndog12, posted


    dustman5000, posted

    that puppy get any of that beautiful womans "stuff" or not. can't tell...only hope he penetrated..

    dickweed1, posted

    very poor photgo should wake up

    edwardc, posted

    sound quality bad and videographer must have been drunk at the end :(

    chinagirl, posted

    That chick is smoking hot. where can i find me one of those to play with?

    crabclaw, posted

    Can people please turn off the damn TV when making these vids??? Sheesh!!

    Irishbull, posted

    that little puppy has a nice playground :D pitty the cam is too nervous for nice views

    tine05, posted

    Una de las formas . Mas inosentes y efectivas de iniciar. Al cachorro es asi como hella lo ase con el juego linda la forma en que lo ase tratando de estableser la confiansa entre ella y el animal sin que el se sienta. Presionado o asustado. Impresionante la forma enque hella pone sus jenitales en contra de los del perro para asi el poder sentir el calos. y la suavidad de los de jenitales de ella para asi de una forma natural el pueda sentir como una cosa normal el paso del juego. A el sexo. Como una cosa normal entre ellos. Claramente. Este a sido uno de los videos simples inosentes pero tambien ala misma bes uno de los mejores videos.

    dog1983, posted

    I personally found this to be the best clip out of the many that I have seen. The picture quality was very clear. Although the sound was not the greatest, I am glad that there was sound nonetheless. Undoubtedly the most beautiful girl I have seen on any clip as well. She was well-figured, with good sized breasts and a round, firm butt. She appeared as though she was excited and really into the sex. The way that she pulled the dog towards her with her hand and thrust herself along with the dog added to the attractiveness. The small, black dog was into the sex as well, but I would have preferred a somewhat bigger dog. I definitely give this video a 9 out of 10 and hope to see more sexual encounters from this girl.

    ILuvMattie, posted

    A really beautiful black haired amateur girl plays with a little black dog. She has a perfect body with long legs, big and round breasts and a pretty face. At first the dog pleasures her beautiful big breasts with his little tongue, then she is wanking him with her beautiful hands for a while. At last he evan fucks her and she seems to enjoy it. The action the girl and her little friend do is very nice, but the quality of the clip is not too good (bad camera man). A good home made movie clip. In fact the Clip is uploded in 2 two parts.

    andi1232, posted

    That is on good looking girl and so willing to play. To bad the camera man couldn't get it together. I would like to see more from this couple and maybe a bigger dog. She seems to really like to play alot. Hot body, and a gorgeous face. where can I see more? Please invest in a better camera and a tripod and post more of these videos. It would be great if the cameraman (or woman) got invlolved also. I would suggest you turn off the music and lets here the licking and moaning. Good luck in the future and let's see more.

    yahoo, posted
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