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    Dog And Girl 1


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    girl fuck

    Uploaded by dudasexy · Rating: 4.0 (255 votes) · 117227 views


    if anyone in Tucson has a dane, or any big dog I can borrow, please email me in Tucson.

    curiouscat57, posted

    good fuck,,,,

    nthnreed, posted

    beautiful dog.. would love him to fuck my mouth... mmm !!

    thmsna, posted

    ive always wanted to be fucked by a dog...anyone wanna help make my fantasy come true in WA state?

    hotkinkygirl20, posted

    ii anyone in melbourne fl. has a well endowed dog or pony. and would not mind me haveing fun with them please message me. ps i would not mind being recorded

    boatman6969, posted

    No audio? Fucking video

    sasha90, posted

    I REALLY like this clip. Good Boy.

    ThisMan, posted

    Damn thats hot! I love it when the dog mounts and his cock seeks that wet horny pussy and automatically starts humping her without guiding it in! That my friends is a well trained pet! Lucky girl.

    breeder09, posted

    add my skype for fun im male !! jackjones807

    erertfdgfdgfh, posted

    Das Mädchen hat super Figur, schön wie der Hund sie von hinten bespringen will, das ist alles geil. Nur dass sie ein Telefon am Ohr hat, finde ich doof.. kann sich nicht auf ficken konzentrieren.

    Mausekind, posted

    Any1got a female dog i can play around with ?? Jh11061516@gmail.com

    heathy3210, posted

    arizona ppl hit me up, male rdy to have some fun ;)

    mabmax196, posted

    anyone in ohio wanting to help a girl get her first animal fuck?

    ily6464, posted

    Just sexy ass hell i want be next. Lol

    Shynessdide, posted

    I think it'd be nice with sound but I love this! I wish I had a dog to do this to me...

    Sorrik, posted

    Want to do this so bad 25 f tx here lets talk

    lovecraftmare, posted

    i just met a girl that wants to try this. she never has amd i'm not sure how to go about it. where can i read up about it to do it right

    RayKing, posted

    She has an amazing body. This video made me a little wet

    kelll23, posted

    Lucky Lucky Lucky dog mmmmmmmmmm I would like some of that on the phone or off lol

    fidos_ladi, posted


    mustangathear, posted

    very eager, but does he connect ??

    lilbeaver, posted


    rogil40, posted

    - -悲剧的把tineye打成yineye了。。

    UzumakiCkr, posted

    表示刚通过yineye用一个游戏群的一个成员发的一张H图找到了一个11区H网和一个欧美H网以及这些视频= =Yahooooo~

    UzumakiCkr, posted

    The Vid doesn't play, the timer just keeps rotating

    DEMarq, posted

    This vid is broken...All of them are...

    DEMarq, posted


    redser, posted

    ooooow man great movie beautifull girl very nice dog exelent fuck wat more do jou want exept sound

    jarno, posted

    i think it would be a good movie to watch but need to show penatration more

    deerorturkey, posted

    oh i want to be fucked like that mm getting my pussy all wet

    sexytime123, posted

    yessssssssss fuck me like that

    slavetok9, posted

    wheres the sound??!

    GDUBB0409, posted

    I bet you it's a fellow Pet lover on the phone listening to her get rammed, yum!

    Kinky616, posted

    The bitch looks pretty good, nice body, would have like to see more penetration or even more of the dog's cock. I love that she is talking on the phone, " I mom, oh nothing much, just another day at work"...lol what the fuck...lol

    Troybig9, posted


    LOVEBEAST6977, posted

    I love his deep action . I love dogs that want to cum that bad

    ErinLucy, posted

    I LOVE watching women mate with male dogs!

    WomenAndDogSex, posted

    More of the girl talking on the phone. Always good to see a girl and a dog.

    chopper73guy, posted

    This is a great movie the dog just loves doing her. He can’t get enough of her pussy and who could blame him. I would be after that too. I would love to be on the other end of the phone call hearing her tell me all about the dog fucking her. I can just imagine her describing how great it feels and how she is loving it. To hear her moan as the dog mounts her and hear her breathing heaving as he fucks her wet pussy. What a girl you go girl and keep your dog happy. I would love to meet a girl like her and be able to be there live as it happens.

    ourdesires, posted

    This is one of my favourites videos with dogs because the dog is very happy and he likes what he did.This video excited me and i add it to favourites.I like too see a happy dog making sex with a girl.The girl is very nice too and i like her position.The Husky is horny and sweet-i want it too!Is amazing.He can fuck me everyday.I like where they are making sex-in a bedroom i think because is private and good.I like the dog because is very clever and fluffy.I think his hair is very good for a woman without clothes!I love couples with animals.Are very special.

    roxy16funny, posted

    An extraordinary video, to say the least. This portion shows a young girl giving her body to her dog, while on the phone. Whether she's talking to her significant other, her grandmother, or even another pooch, doesn't take away from the excitement in the slightest bit. The camerawork is well done, in contrast to the typical shaky webcam footage. And although the sound is missing, we can only imagine her voice, while talking on the phone; the sudden shuddering of her voice, and unpreventable moans of ecstasy show through in the video, in a way that leaves just enough to our imaginations. Definitely a must see for any animal sex lover.

    trio_dell, posted

    This is a short clip of a girl submitting herself to her white gorgeous dog. She appears to be on the phone while her canine pumps away at her backside. He seems really into it and who wouldn't be?! This girl is beautiful and her perky tits only makes it better.\I love the way the girl acts so comfortable in this clip. The dog gets off for one second before he mounts her again. Obviously he hadn't had enough! This time going faster and quicker at it. Notice his muscels and his face. They seem determined and ready. i would love to see more of this kind of stuff. Really great video. Turned me on.

    babylicker, posted
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